So far, living this life and experiencing its ups and downs it has been enhancing for my soul. I can say without fear that it has been going well for me for a while, but it is getting even better now that I am coming to my senses of what is going on behind curtains. I am becoming aware of this Wizard of Oz, yet not knowing who that Wizard is and what his/her/it intentions are, but that’s why I am continuing my journey.

I took this course about dreams and dream interpretation for my Master of Science in Psychology. I loved it at first, as it always happens in my life when I learn new things. At first I feel amazed with everything new that I learn, then I start doubting the information, especially when the piece doesn’t fit anywhere in the puzzle. After doing lots of research lately about dreams and dreaming, after reading all that my professors recommended and more, I concluded that Freud, Adler, and Jung could all be right about dreaming process even though they all had different opinions of why do we dream. However, through my research I discovered that they are also wrong in certain aspects of dreaming. Indeed I discovered a totally new world of knowledge out there compared to what we are trying to figure out here in our reality. Now I can understand what is going on with lucid dreams, collective dreams, healing dreams etc. Above all I can tell what is wrong with patients that suffer from multiple personality disorders and schizophrenia. Now all the pieces of the puzzle are connected for me.  However, I don’t want to talk about that information here because it doesn’t any make sense to open the can of worms when you have no idea what worms will do, and how people will react in regards to this new information. And now I am starting to question the intentions of those “smart people” who tried to give us clues one by one, by one, on each and every generation, about the knowledge beyond this reality. I am questioning what were they hoping to achieve by giving clues but no solutions? Were they aware that some people may pick up on those clues and reach the wrong conclusions, as indeed have happened? Are they aware of the confusions that they created in people’s minds and the damage they brought when confused people jumped into conclusions? If someone points at the problem but does not offer solution is better to ignore those remarks as malicious, even though their intentions may have been good. Well, we live and learn. Therefore, pointing out the problem without offering solution can only bring misunderstandings and these conflicts can accelerate to the point that violence will seem like the only solution for uneducated and confused people. Raising doubts is not the same as raising awareness. Blowing on the fire is not the same as extinguishing it. War does not bring peace, but only brings more wars.

So, dear conspiracy-feeding “experts” that love to gossip and share stories on internet, if you know something, and you have clues but you offer no solution, than shut the f…. up. Stop the nonsense now.

When I discovered the 12 laws of living which I explain in my book “12 Laws that Define a Human,” I realized that these laws are universal laws and they affect not only our human souls but the entire antimatter and therefore matter too, because matter is also made of antimatter. Since these 12 laws always apply then destiny always applies too, since destiny is one of those laws of nature which states that everything happens for a reason. This means that when our reality came to its existence, and with it we came to this existence, it was a reason for doing so. Therefore, for as long as you follow your destinies you are doing the right thing and you should expect things to turn really good at the end of this experience. In contrary if you stop in the middle because you feel scared to go on, then you may be risking a lot more than you’re thinking. This law of destiny that I discovered while working on my theory of antimatter gave me the courage to face all my problems, and face every challenge in my life with no fear. At this point I want to encourage others too, to become aware that no matter how much someone or something tries to orchestrate your lives, bossing you around, or scare you with these conspiracy theories, make sure you do not act out of panic, because these conspiracy theories only serve one purpose, bringing confusion. Confusion is the only weapon this “Wizard of Oz” has at this point because he/she/it is just a phony. This wizard is a phony but smart because he knows that when people are confused people feel scared; when people feel scared they ask for help, and when no one is able to help because no one really knows what the problem is in the first place, then people will panic. When people panic they are totally disarmed. It is at this point when this phony offers people his help which is another baloney, just like the confusion that he created.

I know that many of people feel scared and want to find out what the truth is about these theories, but trust me, it’s not worth sweating over them. To figure out all the conspiracy theories you need to have lots of knowledge about this reality, about laws of physics, quantum physics, psychology and philosophy, if not thorough and deep knowledge at least you must have studied at academic levels in these fields and obtained an average amount of knowledge. Even then you will and you should doubt your findings. To figure out some of the clues, like I did, you must spend years of reading with full dedication and only one aim in mind: Finding the solution, not spreading panic. Therefore, at this point, my suggestion is that if you don’t have all the required knowledge in all the fields above then you may risk jumping into conclusion and spread unnecessary panic that way. Keep in mind that partial knowledge and misunderstandings are the source of all the pain and hurt in our world today. Nevertheless, if you really, really want to know the truth about all of theories in regards to reality then start by learning who you are, what you like or dislike, what bothers you, what makes you happy, what do you dream about, what pattern of events repeat in your life and so on. My friend, the truth is inside of you.

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