I came across a very interesting article this morning in one of the Psychology and behavior sciences articles database for academic research. This article is titled “Dream sharing as social practice” and was written by Murray L. Wax at Washington University. I found this article very interesting for the fact that it raises a question I never thought a scholar would dare to ask so openly: Are dreams a view of our world that our brain reproduces when we sleep or do dreams exist in a separate reality from our own and are these dreams that shape our reality? Very daring question indeed, and even though I support this duality of existence and interaction between our physical reality and the realm of thoughts (dreams in this case) by 100%, I never thought it would be possible to raise such question among scholars who look for scientific evidence at every assumption or theory that is put on the table.  This scholar did a great job by introducing all the different beliefs in all different world wide small communities who believe in dreams having a great impact into shaping the reality. Then he brings to focus two different theories about dreams and their role. One was Freud’s perspective on dreams as a reflection of repressed thoughts, feelings or memories of the patient. The other perspective was that of collective consciousness introduced by Freud’s follower Dr. Carl Jung. According to Jung this collective consciousness affects somehow our individual consciousness as we retrieve from this collective consciousness certain knowledge that was not known previously. Often this collective consciousness can affect the way two different people think, feel and behave even if these two individuals are miles and miles away from one another. Sometimes this collective consciousness can also influence different people at different time and space to make the same discovery even when these people barely know one another.

I can totally support Dr. Jung with his collective consciousness concept because I myself had an incredible experience of a great flow of information which I received during my sleeps in January 2010. So I know quite well what it means to be encouraged and influenced by this collective consciousness. I can explain some of that process, whatever I can remember, because it all happened as I was asleep. All that I remember is that in my dreams I saw myself reading books as if I was in a big library, and I could see many formulas on a board, which seemed to make sense to me as I was reading them in my dream. However, as soon as I woke up, I just could not recall any of that information, no matter how hard I tried. I even kept a notebook, a pen and a flashlight in hope to write the formulas as soon as I woke up, but it was impossible to remember anything at all. A month of two later, I started to think about strange theories and ideas all day long, and formulas started popping in my head while I was teaching in class. I literally had to take a day off from work to stay home and start writing down all these ideas and formulas because the load of information was becoming overwhelming and hard for me to concentrate. And that’s how I started to write about the theory of antimatter, but this is not all that I wanted to share, because anyone can say that they received strange messages and they wrote this and that book. This is not at all what I want to tell you here.

What I want to tell you is the truth, nothing but the truth. Yes indeed I felt very special at that time; I felt like a chosen one, someone who received that secret information, and I thought it was my turn to wow the world with that information. Well, that was just the beginning. My bubble was burst each time I shared this new information with my ex-husband. I felt a bit irritated at first by the way he rubbed it in my face that indeed none of that information was new to the world. However, I started to appreciate his criticism just not his cynicism, because I started to realize something very important that I did not know until then. I discovered that indeed everything I was writing about in my book was mentioned, discussed and even argued by others, at some point in human history. What surprised me was the fact that I had no knowledge of any of that information, before the series of those lucid dreams I experienced in January 2010. Here is some of that information which I believe I received through the influence of collective consciousness: In my theory of antimatter I talk about the theory of forms discussed by Plato in his master work The Republic. I talked about human consciousness in the same way Rene Descartes talked about it in 16-17th century, I also shared the idea of this medium which I call antimatter but Rene Descartes called it ether. I talk about the idea of antimatter having magnetic energy that creates gravity and it is the same force that keeps elementary particles in their atoms, not knowing that Newton too mentioned the same thing in his book  Principia alluding that gravity may be the same force as subatomic force applied inside the atoms. I was talking about everything I had never actually studied before in school, and had never read anywhere; either because I had no idea what those concepts were, or I had no interest in studying them. I finished my book first, and then I realized that I need credentials to present my work to academia. This is why I started taking courses in philosophy and doing my master in psychology, so I can prove that this information I used in my book is valid and supported by academic research.

So, was Dr. Jung right about collective consciousness? Absolutely and it seems like I am not the only follower he has. Nevertheless, I want to add here that this process of exchanging information is not one way; it is not that only collective consciousness affects our knowledge, but also our ideas, new discoveries that we make, new conclusions we reach, new perspectives we form also affect the collective consciousness.

Here is something important I want to discuss. In contrary to what some small communities believe that what we dream becomes a reality somehow, I support that what we dream does not, and I repeat, does not become reality. What we dream at night is a biological process of transferring all that information that we accumulated during the day, all the experiences and emotions we felt while awake in our long term memory. This information is transferred from the temporary (working) memory region located in the frontal lobe of our brain, where all the information received during the day is stored, to the long term memory region and this information is filtered through two little organs inside the brain called hippocampus. Therefore dreams are projections of these information while it is being downloaded from temporary memory to long term memory.  So, what we dream of in our normal nightly sleeps has nothing to do with creating our reality. In fact our reality is the generator of our dreams. However, lucid dreams, or nightmares, or those special dreams that contain extra information are different from what we experienced during the day in our reality.

There is a lot of room for speculation here, as who sends us this new information and why. I may cover this topic in another post soon, but what I want to add for now is that as we all suspect there may be different entities out there. These entities might very well stand at a higher level of intelligence than us humans, but, there could also be other entities that are just at a higher level than us in regards to technology but not intelligence. There is a lot to discuss here, but what’s important is the question we need to ask: Is this information that we receive all true and all completed? How do we know that it is valid information and it is not distorted in some ways? It is also wise to mention here that often individuals, who receive and share such information, feel tempted to add their own interpretation and this is quite as dangerous as an incomplete or distorted information. So, good night my friends and sleep tight, hopefully you too will experience some lucid dreams tonight 🙂

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