Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Wow, that was such a waste of time,” and then later it hits you, indeed the movie had a lesson or an insight? You vaguely understand the message at first but the more time passes, the more you think about it, the clearer it gets. Do not dismiss coincidences, and messages you randomly get from random events, as everything happens for a reason. However, do not sweat and stress about everything; some things are just coincidences indeed. Then how can you tell? It’s simple, if it does not strike a chord to you from the first moment, then don’t sweat it, either you are not ready to understand it or it is just a coincidence. What if it strikes a chord? Again do not jump into conclusions. If there is indeed a lesson or a message for you, you will get more than one sign (more explained in my book Secret Beyond the Secret). Keep in mind one or two signs are never the answer to what you’re looking for. Then what? What if you get plenty of signs, what are you supposed to do next? Trust your gut feelings. If it tells you to jump, then jump; do not hesitate or you may lose your opportunity. But if there is not enough energy to cause that urge feeling and push you in taking an action, do something or say something, then don’t jeopardize the process by trying to make things happen artificially. There may be a reason why you were stopped in this process, even if you previously felt the energy pushing you to do something. Never regret that you had doubts, and waited for the right moment.

As I am sharing this knowledge with you, I must admit, it is easier said than done. However, even though following all these suggestions may not be easy at first, practicing them a lot will teach you how to recognize the right moment and the right gut feelings that you need to follow and trust. It’s like learning to swim or surf. It takes practice and time. I am still learning to surf too in this energy of momentum or destiny as I usually call it. Once you learn to surf in the waves of your own destiny without panicking, then the reward will be remarkable. There are two things everyone needs to become aware of in the process of learning to surf with this energy: 1) become aware of the energy, and allow it to lift your spirit up as it urges you to take actions 2) become aware of fear that can cause you to lose balance while this energy caries you forward in the path you need to follow. It may sound too sexual but indeed this process of following this energy, allowing this momentum to cause the change, is like reaching the climax; if you rush, you cannot reach the peak, and if you resist the feeling for too long, the moment will be gone. Indeed, following destiny is the main purpose of our existence, which is to experience the climax through love as we allow the energy to flow, not stopping this energy from causing the change.

Fear is what prevents us from allowing change. Fear can trigger the fight-or-flight response in every human being, and that is just normal reaction; expect it, prepare to feel that way. Every time you learn something new, something you never heard of before, it will sound scary; it will feel like it is threatening your wellbeing. It is normal to feel that way. Indeed, every new piece of information containing new knowledge is in fact threatening the comfort zone of ignorance you were sitting on, and so, it needs some pushing on your side to make the change. Change on the other hand requires some effort and energy. However, knowledge itself contains energy. As I constantly share in my posts, knowledge, information, images, dreams, feelings, anything that is not made of particles, it is not matter, therefore it is antimatter and contains magnetic energy which in contact with physical reality, matter, becomes electromagnetic energy in form of impulses and codes. Therefore, once you allow this new energy in you, then this energy will create a momentum that will cause the change. Hence you lose nothing by allowing this energy and following the momentum. If you resist the change however, this will cause pain. Why? Because there is this energy accumulated in you, which you are not allowing to perform the work that is supposed to perform, the change. The more one resists the change, the stronger the pain and harder the consequences. I explain this law in my book The Twelve Laws that Define a Human Being by using the Ohm’s formula for the electricity.

Ohm’s law states that intensity (I) of an electrical current flows through a material in direct proportion with the difference of voltage (V) and in the inverse relation with the resistance (R) of that material. Ohm’s Law is expressed with the formula: I= V/R . In other words the higher the difference of voltages V, the higher the intensity I of the electrical current. On the other hand the higher the resistance R of the material the smaller the intensity I that will pass through that material. We can use the same formula to explain how one resists changing his/her behavior or opinion, and struggles accepting a new theory, new perspectives or even new scientific discoveries. We can say that the difference between old knowledge and new knowledge is the same as the difference of voltages V at the ends of the electrical wire. Our resistance toward accepting the new knowledge, ideas, and our doubts are like the resistance of the material, R. And lastly, the intensity, the pace at which this change of knowledge will take place in our consciousness, is the same as the intensity I of the current through the electrical wires.

We can see the resemblance that just like the current inside the wires (electrons in fact) we too are forced to move all in a certain direction inside of what we call path of destiny, because the change in voltage that is applied on the opposite ends of this wire- the reality that we are in- will indeed move the human knowledge to a higher level of knowledge and awareness. Above all, this process will occur in a predetermined course of actions, just like the course of electrons inside the wires is also predetermined by the laws of physics.

Another derivation that we can make from Ohm’s law is that the higher the resistance of a material the hotter the material becomes when the electrical current passes through. For analogy, we can say that the more we resist in accepting new knowledge the hotter the matter becomes, which obviously manifests through discussions and disagreements. Nevertheless, some resistance is always good. This resistance, hesitation, doubt of accepting new knowledge is needed so that we can think, analyze, and compare facts to distinguish between truthful information and not truthful information. Furthermore, some resistance, some sweet pain, some emotions are always necessary to create an impact, a long term memory. Yes some resistance is in fact necessary, but too much of it, is a disaster.

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