Today I would like to share the link to one of my poems I keep in a separate blog. The truth is, I was and still am afraid, shy, timid and feel vulnerable to speak open about my love life, my feelings and all that. I am trying to open up and this has been an ongoing process.

Yes, I loved someone so dearly and continue to love him secretly in my heart without revealing who that person is, that’s because there is no other way to communicate with him since we separated 10 years ago. However, I recently learned he is still in love with me, and I am (well, I knew that) still in love with him as a person not his identity.

So, I would ask the readers to please not be judgmental of my feelings and the way I try to communicate these feelings. I do not need any encouragement either; I need acceptance. If you could accept me as I am, a human being in love with another human being, with no judgments as how we met, and why we are not together today, or what we need to do to be together, if you would spare me from all that humiliation, and just accept the truth about this beautiful, pure love in the hearts of two lovers, miles away from one another, I would truly, sincerely, honestly appreciate that.

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