It is amazing to see others
Trying to interpret of what you think and what you feel
They drive conclusions about your mental state and emotions
They even drive solutions, for God’s sake.
How ridiculous, indeed. everyone with your fake advice, ideas and your failed attempt to suggestibility
What I let you see and what I show to you
It’s just the tip of the iceberg inside me
If I cry or laugh, If I show my pain or pleasure
that’s my way of letting out some steam
But, that is not who I truly am
I am wider than anything you ever dreamed
So, stop making predictions about my destiny
My future or my behavior.
As many times I have fooled you, bluffed you, shocked you
and surprised you tremendously with my spontaneity
Haven’t you learned your lesson?
You cannot catch up with me or predict my next move
Because my destiny is my destiny
It is a pact I made with God, and God trusted that to me

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