Change will never happen if there isn’t enough momentum; things would never exist if there wasn’t enough momentum. Momentum is when balance of forces or energies can no longer be maintained. Change needs to happen. Sometimes we force things to stay in a balance that is never stable. When balance is not based on a strong ground it keeps shaking the ground until the momentum is gained. It is safe to say that momentum is the force of life. Therefore, follow the momentum wherever it takes you, with no fear.

Speaking from my own experience, I had always been afraid of tipping point. I always tried to avoid momentum, until one day I realized how wonderful my whole existence felt at the time I let myself free in the energy of momentum. I was taking meditation classes at that time, and our instructor suggested, as all spiritual teacher do, to listen to that small little voice inside yourself in your hearts, because that is your soul’s voice trying to tell you something that you are not aware of. I was a bit puzzled by this statement. “A little voice in my heart, not the loud voice in my head?” I really did not know the difference. My heart in fact, did not have a voice, what was he talking about? I had two loud voices (or opposite thoughts so to speak) in my head all the time, hence I always doubted my decision, but never a little voice. So which one is the one I need to follow, they are both as loud as hell, I asked the instructor. He laughed and told me that one day I will find that voice. And he was right, but of course I doubted him then. Years past and I learned to meditate and learned to quiet my thoughts. And, as soon as I quiet my mind and those contradicting thoughts in my head, I was able to feel a sort of energy pushing me in the right direction. I must say, I never heard a voice but I felt it more than I heard it. I felt it in my guts and it is not an easy way to explain this feeling of knowing that you are doing the right thing, until you get used to experience it over and over and learn to trust this feeling.

My advice to you, be careful of what you label as your soul’s voice, rational thinking, or gut feelings. They may all be mixed up, mislabeled and misinterpreted at any time. It can take too long to explain thoroughly each and every one of these, but I feel that it is important to touch the subject on the surface just a little bit, so that the reader will get the idea of how different these three concepts are from one another and how wrong things can get when you mistake one for another. So here we go.

People often use the concept of gut feeling as if that is their soul directing them or urging them to do something. Often this gut feeling is nothing else but our emotions that are often triggered by fear or euphoria. These urge feelings have nothing to do with the real energy or purpose of your soul. In fact these “gut feelings” are fueled by overthinking or emotions. This may come as a shock to you but, you cannot trust your logical thinking either, because your logical thinking is based on facts that are obvious to you, but they are not everything; they are just the tip of the iceberg. What makes matters worse, is the fact that our rational thinking is constantly influenced by other people’s suggestions and norms of society of what should be considered right or wrong. Media influences out thinking too. Subliminal messages can influence our “perfect” rational thinking as well. Yes, wake up, subliminal messages exist, and you can never tell when your thinking is being altered. At some point we can all turn into robots if we just listen to our “rational thinking” that we feel so proud about, because our rational thinking is in fact very easy to manipulate, more than you have ever imagined. The latest study in the field of psychology (combined effort between participants at the University of Washington and Osaka University in Japan) has concluded that hypnotism or suggestibility of minds can occur quite naturally, without the need of trance state. You do not even feel anything at all, when your thoughts are manipulated through a process that increases theta waves. You naturally accept these new ideas and thoughts as yours. On the other hand, if you follow your emotions which many people confuse them with guts feelings, this is not right either and sooner or later you can turn yourself into monsters that are driven by these emotions with no logical reasoning at all.

So, where is the balance found? How can we listen to our soul’s voice, that little voice or the true gut feeling if you prefer to call it that way? I found that voice, that feeling, after I learned to quiet my mind and emotions at the same time through meditation. I did it so often when I first started, until it became my second nature. Now I know the feeling of knowing, the gut feeling, and I do not doubt it anymore. Yet mistakes still happen here and there but practice makes things better, right? So, as we all know meditation is one way to quiet your mind-body system in order to get to the right feeling and ideas that your soul is trying to communicate to you. During meditation the aim is to relax the mind first and then your body. I share some meditation exercises in my book Secret Beyond the Secret. Other ways to relax mind-body system are autogenic training and imagery and progressive relaxations. These methods, different from meditations, aim to relax the body first and then the mind. In the end all these methods bring the same positive results. All these methods that I mention here, including meditation, are well-known and now practiced in clinical psychotherapies to treat depression, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, and other mental disorders, as well as to help patients keep heart rates and respiration under control to prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks.

So, what happens next, after you learn to quiet body and mind? Next, when you mind-body system is relaxed you just go on and live and enjoy your life the normal way. Do not sweat it to find the answers to your questions right away. If you stress yourself again to look for clues and answers then you will be overthinking again, and again emotions and thoughts will take over your mind-body system. As I explain it in my book Secret Beyond the Secret, you need to really enjoy life at this point (step three of the formula), doing what you feel passionate about, like physical activities or quiet activities that satisfy you and keep you in good moods. Then when you least expect, the feeling will come to you and clues and signs will be all over the place. Then you must follow without hesitation (step four of the formula). This is your soul directing you in the right path, do not doubt this feeling at this point. Why? Because when you get this feeling you are not under the pressure of overthinking, and you are not under the influence of your emotions either. This is the voice of your soul guiding you. This is the momentum, trust it.

The first time I followed this momentum energy, fully aware of doing so, was almost 10 years ago when I met someone special, the one and only man I ever felt love for, in my entire life. It started with a date request from him, through a chatting site online. His communication was not very clear at first, and I felt kind of hurt by the way he formulated his request, as if the whole world was under his feet, and he was expecting me to say yes. So I turned down his request. Overthinking of how he wrote his message triggered my negative emotions and my pride took over. Using my logical conclusion I said no to him, but deep down something was bothering me for not giving him a chance to explain himself. There was nothing on his profile picture that could have made me fall in love with his looks either. His picture was so vague, as if he did not want people to know the real him. Yet, I was attracted and curious to know him. But I said no and I wasn’t going to change my mind. Then almost a month later, he tried to reach out to me again, and I was so glad that he did, but I never told him that. I was surprised with myself for feeling kind of this happy because according to my logic he was not the right type, and according to my emotions… well, there wasn’t anything there at all, at least not yet. But somehow I had this gut feeling that was telling me to give this guy a second chance and I am glad I did. I had just learned how to meditate at that time, and before going on our first date I meditated long enough to clear my thoughts and my emotions. I was 100% ready for this encounter with a clear mind, relaxed body and no expectations. Once I reached this relaxed state of mind and body, God rewarded me with the most beautiful gift in my life, love. Yes, I found love. We both did. And we were both equally surprised too. I did not expect love to be so wonderful and I realized that this guy was shaken too.

As all good love stories, our love story was cut short too. Due to circumstances that I do not believe were mere coincidences, we parted from one another, but not without pain. I never hated him, yet I decided to make up stories in my mind that he is not the right guy for me, even though I felt so wonderful in his presence. I managed to calm down my body and mind so I would not run back into his arms, but my heart longed and suffered for 10 long years. The way I felt with him was never forgotten. It is stamped in my consciousness forever. Now 10 years later I saw him again, under different circumstances and under a different light. We have both grown bigger and stronger during these years and it seems like our love has grown stronger too. I am not surprised at all that love survived in both of us, because it was too powerful to be forgotten. The energy we gained while loving each other and being ourselves, free of strains and judgments, left a great impact on both of us and this created a strong momentum. It is this momentum that kept us thinking about one another and subconsciously seeking to meet again. Once again I am decided to let myself fly with this energy because the energy of momentum never fails to bring me full satisfaction. Despite our prides, logical reasoning and emotions, despite circumstances and obligations each one has to fulfill, I have no doubts that his love is for me and my love is for him only. I do not know what the future may bring for both of us but I am glad to know that he is cherishing our love the same way I do, and that’s all that matters for now. The rest I will leave it to the momentum…

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