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I’ve been celebrating Christmas for many years now. Each year around this time I have noticed joy and good feelings among people. I’ve noticed frustration too. People buying expensive gifts, making displays of lights and competing about who decorates better. People feeling bad for not being able to give such gifts to people they love. I never allowed myself to be affected by the fever of showing off. I am not financially rich and I never was. It was a time where I had to raise two children on my own with the only income of a high school teacher. I bought their Christmas gifts at the Dollar store, but we were just as happy then, as we are now. In fact, no one knows the price of the gift, no one knows the trouble you went through to save all year so you can afford what you think it would impress someone. All others see in the moment they open their gifts is whether your gift matches their expectations, and no one can ever match others’ expectations.

So, I suggest that we stop trying to impress others with our gifts; instead we show them our intentions. Beautiful words written on cards, beautiful colors, anything that is displayable does not show the real intention. Anything that is displayed to catch the eye of the receiver is in fact a desperate call for attention of someone who lacks it. Intention has no words. Intention is in doing things, like playing together, laughing together, crying together, hugging in a way that your hearts feel the energy going through you and it heals you from any pain. Intention is in a smile that comes spontaneously. Intention is not loud, is silent. Intention has no sound, but shakes you like a thunder. Intention drives you to make sacrifices, and do more and more good things around without expecting anything in return, and without wanting to impress others.

Maybe when Santa looks at his list for naughty or nice, he is not looking for your deeds that show, but for your intentions behind each of your deeds, despite the fact that these deeds may have ended up being labeled good or bad by others. To the world you could have seemed naughty, the woman who cheated on her husband, the boy who pulled his friends hair, the thief, the man in jail, the one who fought with police for breaking the rules…Santa does not look at what world looks at, the show, the display, the facade. Santa looks at the intention behind those actions. Take that woman who cheated on her husband for example. Maybe she was doing so to save her marriage… maybe she was treated so badly by her husband that she had to either leave him therefore end the marriage which could have brought frustration to her children if things were not carefully planned, or could have taken that frustration upon herself, coworkers and her children… Maybe she did the best that she could in such circumstances, to keep her sanity and positive thinking in order to continue to give that positive energy to her family and society.

Intention is what counts more than words we say. Since when I was little I noticed that every time I said something people took it the wrong way, they misinterpreted my words or only heard what hurt them the most. For a while I was trying to fix things, trying to explain myself and my intentions. But, the more I tried the more they got hurt. I have finally come to the conclusion that words do not count, intention counts. You can say love, honey, sweet, anything that sounds nice for the ears but people do not hear with their ears. People hear with their minds. So the words love, honey, sweet may strike different cords on different people as they hear them. Let them hear, what they want to hear. This is my conclusion and here is why: If some words, a remark, a comment, a song, a movie, any type of display and manifestation hurts you that’s because there is a wound in your sub-consciousness that was never healed. That wound will never heal if you keep repressing it down further and further so you will not feel the pain. That wound would not heal by adding dust on top of it by putting a façade or a mask of a happy successful person for others to see. That wound will only heal when it is touched, brought to the surface and made it hurt again so you will move yourself from regret as a grudge, guilt or blame to remorse as in sorrow for what happened, understanding and then forgiveness.

And so this Christmas, as usually, I will make a wish. A wish that can heal my wounds and those I caused to others intentionally or unintentionally. I would encourage everyone to make a wish, any wish with pure intentions counts, and it does come true, believe me. I am proof of that. Each and every year I wished with pure intentions, and each and every year my wishes came true. I wished to have a house, a car, a child, a husband, a lover…yes everything I wished for, material or not, came true for fifteen years in a row, since I discovered the powerful magic of wishing during Christmas. However, after each wish I made I had a pure intention in mind.

So folks, keep wishing this Christmas with pure intentions and do not worry about the display and façade. Do not worry what others think of you. Santa loves your pure intentions, and so should you.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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