The answer may surprise you. Emotions are vital to us. We need emotions as we can never remember or learn anything without associating the event or the knowledge with emotions. Let’s take it slowly. We can observe the world around us through our five senses as we know it. Let’s suppose you look outside the window and you see a tree, grass and further down you see a street, a car parked by and maybe some people walking on the street. That’s normal right? What we see is the electromagnetic energy that each of these objects and people radiate and our eyes are receptors of this energy. This process is called sensation. Our senses pick up signals, and these signals are transferred through neurons to the brain. When we start making connections between each of the parts that we saw, when we start thinking and reaching logical conclusions about the view, then this process is called perception. So far so good. We already knew that.

Now, if we do not sense anything else, if this view and this perception we just created does not affect us in any way then this memory will soon be forgotten. If instead, the view we just perceived creates an emotion in us, let’s say feelings of joy as we look outside the window or a negative emotion the child feels when he learns it is dangerous to walk down the street without holding parent’s hands, then these emotions make the perception stronger so that the memory will last. An emotion creates a tension in our nervous system and since it occurs at the same time the knowledge is perceived or a life lesson, or new skills we are learning then these data will be intensified while it restores in our temporary memory also known as working memory. Later when we sleep at night this data will be downloaded into our permanent memory. (From previous posts and Theory of Antimatter: Any knowledge that we receive, any type of information we perceive carries antimatter energy. Antimatter, is a monopole magnetic field).

Therefore, we need emotions because without emotions there is no learning. When you broke your toy as a kid, you felt sorry, and then you learned to be careful the next time. We learn through pain, and this is one of the laws of nature. I explain this law using the Ohm’s Law of Resistance and its formula in my book: The 12 Laws that Define a Human. So, resisting, feeling pain, feeling emotions joy or sadness are part of life and these make life even more beautiful. The problem is that we sometimes dwell too much on negative emotions. This could be due to our own cognitive thinking or due to our biological structure as an individual. I will touch both cases in my future posts. What’s important at this point is that if we dwell too much in pain and negative emotions, we may start feeling miserable which may impair our proper functioning.

So the secret is to allow these emotions, good or bad, to flow, and to accompany you during each event in your lives if you want to create everlasting memories, or preserve knowledge in general. But, we need to learn to get back to our normal state of being and acknowledge the fact that emotions served their purpose, and that’s all we need them for. If there are no emotions there no memories. And if there are no memories, there is no knowledge.

Even though in my profession I am a teacher, I am still a student too. I keep learning from different sources and every challenge I face in my life. My whole life has been a classroom all along. First I learned to show my emotions and not to feel embarrassed for doing so. Then teachers complained that I showed and I allowed emotions to affect me too much, because as they told my parents, even for little mistakes when they pointed them out at me, I felt discouraged and at that point I lost it all. Slowly but surely, I got over the perfectionism that was expected from me, as the only child in the family I had to be the pride of my parents, and so I learned to accept and forgive myself for little mistakes here and there. This brought positive thinking and positive outlooks in life. Instead of dwelling on negative aspects I started seeing them as opportunities to improve and grow. And that’s how learning happens. If you ignore negative feelings as if nothing is wrong then this does not leave any room for improvement. Instead, these repressed feeling may bring psychological issues in the future. The secret of a balanced life is not that you have to have it all, or have only positive feelings and positive emotions, and only amazing things in your life, at all times. The secret is to allow all kinds of feelings and experience them all, but to know when to get back up on your feet. We call this resilience.

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