If there is one thing that should scare humans more than death is the Law of Grudges. And this law does not only apply to humans. This law is universal. When one holds a grudge toward someone else that’s because the one does not know what and why things happened in the way they happened that hurt the person. For as long as things are unknown, there is a void in awareness that is waiting to be filled. For as long as there is unknown, there will be misunderstandings and therefore grudges. When our consciousness is filled with voids like this, then when our soul (consciousness) is reincarnated will seek to find the one toward which the grudge is formed. It is the law of nature because opposites attract. One had a void, the other one has the answer for that void. It may appear as a love attraction sometimes, such love that all your instincts cry for it, that tells you there is a grudge, so you should be prepared that a conflict will soon arise to clarify the matters. Situations will repeat the exact ways they repeated in previous lives but in new circumstances.
If I would have known this law 10 years ago, I would not have left my true love slip out of my hands. But I did not know. So things were stirred in a way that we two separated and hated and loved each other for 10 years in silence. We caused more damage this way, to ourselves and others. But, I keep repeating in my posts, there is lust (the one that attracts us to people) and there is true love. How can you tell which one is which?
Here is how: When you realize that it was a misunderstanding between you two, you move on. You forgive one another and that is the end of the story. But if you forgive and still cannot live without each other, then this is true love. I found my true love after so many freaking years and I forgave him for lying to me about who he was. His name was not Ben as he told me then, and his identity was not of a simple accountant. He lied about so many things and I already knew he was lying because I could sense it, but I accept it without questioning anything. I on the other hand was an open book even though I was doing something forbidden for the norms of society, having an affair. I do not care, really. My life was like hell and only this man gave meaning to my life, and even though he says I was confident and this and that…I wasn’t. His love made me who I am today. His adoration and appreciation for the true person in me, stripped naked of all the judgments, made me free to allow myself shine in front of his eyes, and for everyone else to see. He transformed me. So, this is how I know between true love and lust.
Be careful with grudges you hold people. You must seek understanding but never let pride between true love, unless there are other circumstances separating you. In that case, believe me the whole universe will shake to get you two together again.

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