We often hear stories of how stress affects our immune system but do you really know how it happens? For something to believe it and to start paying attention to it, we need to have clarity of how it happens. Only when we understand, we accept. One of the pricks to being a reasonable being, right? So, how stress affects our health? This occurs when psychological stress decreases the effectiveness of immunological system. How does that happen? There are three ways in which this can happen.

One is when we feel stressed due to psychological issues that relate to overthinking our problems, our body starts using up certain vitamins that are crucial for the immune system. In this case our body has not enough vitamins and cannot produce enough antibodies to fight the viruses or disease causing microorganisms that invade our body.

The second way is psychogenic, and it happens is when a physical disease caused by emotional stress. In this case there are no outside factors or microorganisms that enter the body to cause the disease. It is the mind acting under stress that changes the physiology so that parts of the body break down. An example of this is Asthma, or heart attacks (literally heart breaks) due to desperation over loss or grief.

The other way is through somatogenic conditions, which occur when mind itself increases the body’s susceptibility to certain diseases like cancer, or rheumatoid arthritis.

So what does this tell us? This tells us that there is enough scientific evidence to convince us that it is all in our mind. We can cure or we can make ourselves sick to death. Lately, I have been experimenting on using my thoughts to heal pain in my body without using painkillers. When I was taking a meditation class about 10 years ago, our meditation instructor told us that there are methods that can be used to control pain or recover from diseases without using pills. I jumped from joy and said, “Oh, I want to learn that.” He laughed at my face and said, “Dear, you are so far from that. You are impatient and want immediate results and so you use short cuts. Pills are still a good choice for you.” I bowed my head down and was surprised how he knew me so well?  Well, I wish I can met this instructor today and proudly tell him that even though he did not teach me that, even though I did not read about this method in any of the spiritual literature out there, I came to this conclusion on my own as I developed my Theory of Antimatter.

Antimatter, as I have explained in my earlier posts, is that monopole magnetic field that in scientific terms is called consciousness while in spiritual terms is called soul. When I concluded that our consciousness (antimatter) is connected to matter (our physical body) because opposites attract (Law of nature) then I started to see this interaction between our consciousness (soul) and our physical body as pure mechanism that operates under the physical laws of nature, of magnetism and energy. Therefore my dear friends, whenever is pain, physical or emotional, send your thoughts, pay attention to that part of the body or issue which hurts the most. Do not ignore the pain, do not pretend it is not there. Let it be and experience that as if you are observing it from above. During this time relax and do nothing else than paying attention to your pain. No need for those rituals, special types of breathing etc. etc…, but if those help you to relax, then by all means do what’s convenient for you. So, while you sitting down, doing nothing but paying attention to your pain, you will start feeling that pain will slowly turn into a tingling sensation, and after that it will be gone. How all this happens? When you pay attention to your problems, pain, physical or psychological issue, without acting- this is crucial- and without overwhelming yourself with negative thoughts and emotions, then all you are doing is healing the wound by sending some of that antimatter energy, which is nothing but a magnetic energy. I can do this very often now, and the only time I take pills for pain is when life is so busy or there are so many distractions around me that I cannot concentrate my thoughts to that physical or emotional pain. I encourage you to try this. In the end you have nothing to lose, but gain.

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