I can feel the change coming!


Change is just around the corner, not that I have psychic abilities and can see what will happen next, but I can feel it, and I bet, you can feel it too. You can feel it how fed up people are with these wars among religions and wars among nations, traditions, values. People are fed up to having to belong in one group or another and never know when they will be used as statistic data of people who got hurt, died, injured. People are fed up of being just numbers. We have souls and we suffer.
I am never going to stop believing in God because if I lose my faith I will lose everything and there is no point in my existence. It is this belief, an unshakable belief, not hope, that keeps me breathing and fighting against hypocrisy of religion and traditions even. However, I do not fight by calling names, despising people, judging them or acting as if I know it all. I do not want people to think of me as a saint; I have done lots of mistakes too and I accept them and I learned from them. I fight hypocrisy by telling the truth as it is, by being vulnerable and showing to the world that I suffer and my life is not perfect but I have faith. I have faith, not hope. Get this right. Hope is a lie. Hope is making us believe in the wrong things, like hoping that our pride will not get hurt when people learn the truth about us, so we hope they will never see our mistakes, our imperfection. Faith on the other hand is quite the opposite of hope. I have faith that even though I have made so many mistakes people will respect and honor my choices, and I have absolute faith that someone out there is just like me and is waiting to be united with his other perfectly imperfect half.

Religion is not helping us anymore. Religion was good for a while. People were afraid of death, were afraid of pain and so they invented religion to use something, to hold onto something, like an anchor, while wait and hope for better ways. But you see, there is your problem, right there. You wait and hope. Hope is a lie, faith is true feeling. Faith is feeling of surrender to a peaceful state of mind, hope is an excited state of mind, aroused state of being that waits for the climax that never happens. That is the main problem. An unfulfilled desire, a climax that never happens and that it is only in our imagination. The solution therefore does not come by feeding more lies and hopes into this state of mind, but by abolishing it. By abandoning hope, and stripping your soul naked of all the lies you can reach the climax and feel peace. A soul that is always hoping and always looking for more and more excitement, a soul that hopes to be proven right so to satisfy its little ego, this soul suffers. So if you want to stop hurting your soul and stop this endless suffer, I suggest that you stop hoping and start believing instead. Believe, Believe, Believe in true love. Believe in true love that is meant to be not because you decided, but because a supreme intelligence, a universal force is pushing it, and we just have to accept it.

Believe my people and you suffering souls that everything happens for a reason but do not believe that if someone is hurting you that must be a reason and it was meant to happen. Love is meant to happen, healing is meant to happen, not war, not pain or suffering inflicted by other little beings like ourselves.

Sad to say that I just had a conversation with a wise person yesterday that despite her qualifications and education she really had some good answer for everything, and that her explanations made some sense. However, she had surrounded herself with this eerie look that she knows it all. She spoke to people around her as if they knew nothing about life or God, only her knew everything. To prove her points she proceeded by telling me how she prays and what Koran says and what Satan is by even citing the movies about Jesus and the serpent in the desert and all those temptations, and on and on and on… that we are meant to suffer because if we were perfect then why are we on earth. So her logic, “if we suffer, it’s because we deserve it.” I just stopped listening to her at this point and told her, Stop right there. Yes, pain is part of our learning process. This pain gets stronger when we refuse or resist to learn our lessons that we were meant to. However, not all souls are suffering due to their own mistakes or errors. If my own choice brings me this suffering then there must be a lesson there. But, if others’ choices make me suffer, what kind of o lesson are they teaching me when I don’t have time to even think before I get a bullet in my head?”

So folks I have reached the conclusion that if we keep making the same choice in life and always end up heart broken by others, remember how it started, before you blame someone….it was your choice. But if people break your dreams in halves, without warnings or rights, they budge into your lives and decide whether you should suffer, live or die, and this was not your choice, then you do not deserve it.

Be careful, stay away from people who tell you that you should die for a greater good, that you should kill for a greater good, that people must suffer for a greater good. You make the decision to die or live, suffer or love, not others for you. Let your soul lead you into the right path, not religion, or those who act smart as if they know everything and or have powers and super powers. Do not fall for lies. Strip your soul naked of hopes and fear no one. Your soul knows the way, others do not. God is in your hearts. Do not look outside for God, look inside you. Do not look outside for guidance on what to do and what side to take, look inside you.

Those people who helped each other in the latest attack in Paris did not wait for guidance, they followed their hearts. They knew the right way, and the right way was to not fear the attackers but get out there and help those who were injured and open the doors for those who needed shelter on that horrible night. So tell me folks, do you need religion to know what is right or wrong? Do you need Koran or Bible or smart asses like the lady I met yesterday to tell you that you need to suffer because you deserve it? Or do you need to follow your heart and do what feels right?

If you cannot feel God talking to your heart before you decide killing, insulting or hurting others, then no religion can connect you to God, No Religion Ever.
I can feel the change is coming. I can feel it in my heart. Are you feeling it?

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