The daguhter of the Master

The master was having a hard time deciding to shut down the entire course or not. Rumors had it that some students were using cheating notes and they were getting all the rewards, while honest students were not getting what they deserved. It was hard to distinguish those who cheated from those who were honest, so Master’s daughter had an idea. “Dad, you will never know who is cheating and who is not, even if you start this course all over again, because you see your students from above, with authority of the teacher, and they fear you, so they will lie to you. Let me go among them, and be just like them. By observing me and how others behave in relation to me you will then know who is the hypocrite and who is honest, who is the arrogant and who is angry due to injustice, who is proud of their work and who is the self-absorbed. “My child,” the master said, “I know your plan is brilliant, but if you go among them, like one of them, then whenever you show weakness, as everyone else, they will mistreat you, and you will suffer a lot. Are you willing to suffer just so the good students will get their rewards? Are you sure they deserve your sacrifice?” “Yes father, I am willing to do so,” said the daughter and went among all others.

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