Deception Part IV: We are intelligent beings, ETI why don’t you communicate with us?

The big question everyone asks “where are the aliens and why don’t they communicate with us?” I find that quite unnecessarily. First of all, just because you and I and any average person on Earth do not meet aliens on daily basis that does not mean that we are alone in the universe. It doesn’t mean that we are not already visited, observed and pitied on. I fear that we are not alone or left alone. Instead, I fear that despite the help we were given, we did not evolve fast enough as expected and so we may not be worthy of such communication. Imagine a human being throwing himself in the jungle. Would the human hide from the beasts or would this human try to communicate with them to make them reason?

The truth is painful, I know, but the reality is what it is. Starting from the simplest things, you have rules to follow in the traffic but some people feel entitled to break them. You have rules to follow everywhere, but some people feel too superior to obey them. So, my dear friend, do you really think a higher intelligent being would waste anymore time to make us realize how stupid we are? I am a human and I am afraid to communicate with other humans that have not been raised with the same ideas or morals like me, I fear that ignorance would never tolerate. Imagine going to a developing country, anywhere in this world populated by humans like you and me, and ask their citizens to follow rules that assure the safety of every one or at least remind them that human’s rights must apply just the same for all the people in the world. I am afraid that they would not understand you, or at least they will tell you that you do not understand how things are run in their country and so your request is nice but naive. So how do you expect a higher being to not be terrified of coming into contact with humans that are driven by instinctive responses to kill in order to survive?

I am afraid that Great Filter Theory some scientists are talking about, is true. Unfortunately, we have not passed it. Even though, oddly enough, we may have advanced in technology a lot lately, suspicious if you ask me, that does not guarantee that we have contained a better brain to logic with. So let’s not flatter ourselves with the idea that we are intelligent being or even worse, that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. How ridiculous. Unfortunately, many good theories in psychology, philosophy, mathematics and science have always been available to humans, and we could have and should have learned something by now. Yet, those useful theories are left to collect dust, while all the wrong theories are given great attention and made popular for the masses.

There is one question that bothers me the most at this point. Is this overshadowing of good stuff and useful theories done in purpose? Is there a hidden agenda to keep our human race at a low level of intelligence? It almost seems as if someone wants to prove a point that we are worthless, and is flooding the mass media with theories that distract us from searching any deeper in finding who we are and what are we capable of. It is like raising a kid in an enclosed compartment and convincing the kid that there is nothing out there for him to explore. Kid will be happy to read whatever is made available to him in this closed environment. Whatever garbage you feed him mentally and physically he will take and accept it with joy. The kid will grow to be a man one day but he knows nothing better that what you fed him all these years. Can you say that it is this man’s fault for not knowing better?

How can you judge whether mankind is worthy or not to pass the great filter if someone or something keeps distracting mankind with unnecessary things, and makes mankind believe that death is the worst thing that can happen to him? For as long as mankind fears death we will not pass the great filter, I am afraid. On the other hand, you should fear death, as once death knocks on your door you make sure you have fulfilled your destiny or else you will be stuck on the wrong side of the filter believing the rubbish theory that you are the only intelligent being in the universe.

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