Deception Part 3: Escape from OZ

The hardest task of all times is the escape from invisible ties. We had been told over and over that it is in our power to free ourselves from pain, dissatisfaction, injustice, mistreatment, gossips, framings, hate and so on. All is in our hands they said, but they never ever show you how. How is it in our hands when the more we try to break free the more we suffocate ourselves? The more we feel entitled to freedom and justice the more we act with violence and create more and more hate and more hurt, and so, we end up going deeper and deeper in the OZ world of deception. So, is it really in our power to break free from this world that is becoming crazier and crazier each day? I think that part is true, yes it is in our power to break free, but deception never let you see the true path. The true path is to LET GO! Let go of grudges and forgive if you want to be free. Think that all is a set up and you are put in this world and are framed to believe that others are bad, they hate you and they do mean things to hurt you. On the other hand others also are manipulated to believe that you are their enemy and you would want to hurt them and do mean things to them. From this point on, the Wizard of Oz is having so much fun watching a reality show of manipulated and confused people hurting one another. But, is the Wizard the one to blame for creating deception around his importance, grandiosity, and power, or is it “something” else that teases us by making us believe that it is in our hands to escape the Earth’s mental asylum. Or could it be that none other than yourself is to blame?  Well, if the Wizard was to blame then we must first come to our senses and realize that indeed there is nothing to fear, and clues after clues after clues we follow the path that leads us to the grand finale of pulling up the curtain. If there is “something” else teasing us by making us believe that we have the power to escape OZ, and therefore this “something” else is to blame, not the Wizard, for creating this confusion, then what is left for us to do? One would reason, that if “something” is blocking the door then we need to take fate in our hands and kill the Wizard or that “something” else that is preventing our progress, right? But, What if this too is a set up to create a bigger showcase? And finally. What if our own self is to blame and no one else? In that case we need to find out why are we here in this place and why things keep repeating in almost perfect patterns in our lives? What are these patterns trying to tell us? If we look for clues without blaming others, we may find out the truth, we may find the right path to escape.

I believe that The Truth is much simpler than it seems; One needs to do nothing to free one self. I believe that what keeps us in the world of OZ, the world of wonder, are our past mistakes, past grudges and ties of hate and love that we created on the way of finding the Truth. These grudges hold me and you, and everyone else, down here. So, if you think escaping OZ by killing or hurting someone else, then you are wrong. In fact any action of violence will create more and more ties to keep you down here.

I do not want to offend anyone, so please do not take it the wrong way, whoever reads this post, but think of all the cases in human history of people, famous people who fought for freedom. Was violence ever the answer or was it the beginning of a new ripple? The greatest story in the human history that made a strong impression then, and still continues to impress and puzzle us, a story that makes us wonder, that enchanted an entire nation, the whole world even, is the story of Promised Land. Is there a Promised Land? Why is Promised Land promised to Jews only? Did Jews arrive in their Promised Land? Who was the divine being that inspired and delivered the Jews from Egypt but then later abandoned them in the desert? Was the divine being really divine? Did this being really abandoned them or did this being die in the attempt to saving Jews from slavery? Even worse, was Promised Land a hoax or some sort of psychological test to see how little people of Earth would react when they believe in one divine cause? And the list of question can go on and on. The point is that one will believe what they want to believe, and once someone sets their mind into believing something, they will rush around to find the clues that can prove that their theory is correct and rub these facts on other people’s faces. Again, I want to caution you before taking any further steps, that you must question your judgement, and facts you think you know. How do you know that you are not being played? How do you know that just as you are finding clues to prove your theories, others are being helped just the same, to prove their own theories?

Now what?  Our brain is filled with questions and doubts, the enemy may be my friend and my friend may be the enemy? Was this Satan’s idea, Satan’s work? It must be Satan’s work, he wanted us to reach to this point, right? No, be careful of judgements and deceptions. I think, the main problem is our self, our ego, not Satan. Satan may just be a label for someone that wants us to fail, or we think that wants us to fail. Anyone, indeed, could be labeled the Satan. Someone can easily label me Satan, because I am trying to make some sense here and sparkle new ideas to people that can really see my point. The good old neighbor can be labeled Satan, because he grew a type of weed in his backyard that does not know to respect the boundaries. That neighbor may be Satan because his beliefs are different from yours, his life style is different, customs are different and even sex preferences are different. So if your neighbor is not the Satan himself, then at least he must be the worshiper of Satan. And so, we can go on and on this way; we can pick, basically anyone down the street and find some reasons to blame him or her for all the wrong things happening in the world. I heard stories that even Santa himself is Satan in disguise. But, what if the answer was much simpler? What if it is you who allows the doubts to fool you? What if it is your uneducated self that scares the crap out of you? Well, then if humans already tried the game of blaming others or “something” else, for 6000 years already, aren’t you tired of this game?

At this point I want to ask you another question, a question that is more important than any of the above questions raised up to this point. Are you happy to be here, where you are right now?

If your answer is yes, then you deserve Earth. This land is your promised land. If your answer is no because there are mean people everywhere, and they are out there to get you, then you will continue to be tied up in your own misery. If your answer is, “No, I am not happy here, and it is not anyone else’s fault, but mine. I am tired of looking for the clues to blame it on someone else. Show me the way to free myself from deception and invisible ties,” then I would say, “Welcome my friend.” Educate yourself about the 12 laws of nature that no human being can escape by going against them. The only way you can escape the wrath of the 12 laws is by Letting Go of the grudges you hold in your souls. All is explainable and makes perfect sense. All is about science and the 12 natural laws. Can’t blame gravity, for hurting yourself as you jumped of the cliff, can you?

And finally, I am not trying to sell you anything, not forcing you to take my advice either. You can read all about the 12 laws for free, here in my blog. All is free as I am not here to make a fortune; I am here to break my ties. And so, I am giving to you people who are like me, what I know and what I think can help you escape OZ. So, read away the 12 laws if you want; share them with others if you want, or throw my advice away if you want; I am not here to judge you. Your consciousness can do that job. However, dear reader, my advice to you is to not leave any comments here in my post, as I will not approve any of them. Do not waste your time to show me of what you think about my advice, as I am not interested in your opinion; I am interested in healing suffering souls from unnecessary drama. If you read these 12 laws and you are able to understand them, then you will realize that the first reaction to anything that is new is to resist it, as it brings change and discomfort at first. This is quite a natural reaction based on the 12 laws, and it is to be expected, but it is not the end of it.

So, here again, I am leaving you with a question to ponder for a week, Are you happy to be here, where you are right now?

P.S. English is my second language, and so, if you find any little mistake here and there as you read my posts, and these mistakes throw you off and distract you from understanding the true meaning of my posts, then I truly feel sorry for you my friend.

All the best to you all.


Ardiana Bani

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