Deception, Part II: Fake Bonds

We are often misled by our need for friendship. As we are wired to need others, need their friendship, appreciation and attention, then we easily fall victims of deception. When someone offers their friendship by sharing other people’s secret then do not be fooled to offer them yours.

If you have ever been betrayed or disappointed by people you trusted then you know how perplexing is to figure out who your friends are and who your enemies are. And so, we end up mostly with a few frenemies in life. The cause of great disappointments is the loss of trust. But why do we trust others so easily. That’s because when we connect with others we feel alive, we exist and that makes us feel good. When we connect with others we appreciate their attention and this is where the deception has its roots, our need for attention and validation.

I have suffered a lot from disloyalties in my life. I trusted others easily as I needed that attention to feel alive, and I paid a high price each time I did so. Through this long and painful experience with disloyalties I learned a few rules on how to tell a true friend from a fake one. When someone makes you believe that he or she is on your side and your side only, then watch out; that is a fake friendship that is being offered. A true friendship does not need to take sides or at least does not start by offering exclusiveness. If someone is pumping you with too much attention, again, watch out. If someone is telling you secrets which you did not ask for, watch out. If someone is making you believe that you are a very important person or very smart, watch out.

A true friend does not treat you as a VIP; a true friend treats you as their equal. A true friend does not ask for exclusiveness and does not offer exclusiveness, but in contrary offers inclusiveness. A true friend does not make excuses after excuses as why they are still friends with someone you do not like, if that is one of your concerns. That’s because a true friend does not have hidden agendas, therefore they do not care to explain themselves. It doesn’t even cross their mind that they have to explain such things. A true friend tells it as it is, without worrying of losing your friendship. A true friend takes no side, even if you may not like this, accept it and appreciate it because this is honesty. In contrary, friends who feed your fears, your doubts and negative emotions in regards to others or even life in general they are not true friends. They do that so that you become dependent on them and their support for attention.

As true friends do not feed your fears in regards to others’ behaviors, they instead will direct your attention toward your inner self so that you discover on your own what is triggering your fears. A true friend would help you realize that others are not always the problem, but the way you think about yourself often is. It is this silent self-judgement that goes on inside your consciousness that makes you very vulnerable to others’ comments and behaviors. A true friend would tell you that you first need to heal these inner wounds in order to be free, while a fake friend would tell you that, in contrary, the outside stimuli, other people are to blame, they are the problem. Since it is easier to blame others than to blame yourself for how you feel inside, then the deception will win. But, this choice was yours.

After being hurt so much in life, I finally learned my lesson on how to detect the true friendship. I used the above template which freed me from fake friends and fake relationships. I am offering this to you along with 12 laws of antimatter (see my website) because once you too realize that these 12 laws of antimatter can affect anyone with no exceptions (you, your friends and your enemies) then you will no longer feel the need to blame others or yourself for problems. You will rise above all the blame and bitterness, and will start working toward freeing yourself from these ties and bonds that keep you enslaved and constantly hurting you. I am offering my help by making known the 12 laws of antimatter, and I keep offering my knowledge quite openly to everyone who needs help to free themselves from fake bonds of deception. I could have made millions of dollars indeed if I made a big deal out of this discovery or made it seem like a conspiracy theory that I discovered. But, I decided to not go through the fake path, because the discovery of these 12 laws had freed me to no longer crave the fake admiration. I am offering this knowledge to anyone who expresses interest in it and this knowledge is free.  If you want, you can grab it; if not, again, all is fine because the choice is yours.

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