Deception, Part I: Reality, is it Real?

One of the questions that bothers many nowadays is whether we live in a matrix or is everything real and solid. It bothered me for a while too, because once the idea is put in your head, it swirls around and never leaves your brain unless you find strong facts in your reality to oppose that illusive idea. So I got news for you my friends: The reality that we all see and feel is real, it is not an illusion and here are the facts:
1- If this reality is created by me, then I should be the king or the queen of it. I should have that mansion, and others should work for me, but it is not so. I have to work my ass off and obey to others who may not even have half of my knowledge and have not touched a book for decades for all I know. Above all why would I create a suffering reality of people starving, dying, drowning, or killing one another? Why would I put myself in danger too, give myself back pain or illnesses?

2- If I create my own reality and you create yours, then we should not be seeing, feeling and living in the same reality. Therefore, we should not be able to measure things the same way. For example the same table could be 1 meter long for me while for you may be 20 cm, and so on. This way we would not be able to build anything together. But, we do. We build things that are based on measures and the designs created by our engineers. And, we all pretty much see the same design and the same building with the same measurements.

3- If we live inside a network, a matrix created by someone else and therefore we are just puppets, then we are hostages of this reality. But are we? Let’s suppose we are hostages, then, we should not have free will at all. But, we do have choices; many choices indeed. Sometimes we have so many choices and so little knowledge that we wished we did not have that much freedom after all.

4- I know I live in a material world and not in a matrix world because if I wake up each morning and my bed is always on the same position, as I remember it to be before I went to sleep, then this is real. My brain cannot control my perception of something always being there, in the same position, with the same measurements, unless there is a source to constantly stimulate that perception. So if I feel that there is a floor under my feet every time I stand on it, then there is a floor under my feet. I wish my brain could be that strong as to make my laundry disappear at least.

5- If I am forced from an outside source to always remember things that are part of my reality like the floors and my bed, in order to convince me that these things really exist when they do not, then why do I forget things now and then? A source that constantly works to create deception is therefore obligated to not forget to do that and cannot take breaks. The fact is very simple. Our brains have an eraser and a tape recorder and brain functions just like a computer; there is no hocus pokes there. All is explainable in a scientific and realistic way, no need for speculation.

However, even though all these facts convince me that my reality is real and does not depend on my imagination, there are moments in life when we are baffled by miracles and things that do not really comply with the laws of physics. Being unable to explain these unexpected things people then jump into conclusions that everything is an illusion. And this is our biggest problem in life: We think that we need to take a side in order to be correct. In reality, it will be safer if you stick with the middle position.

As explained in my theory of antimatter, there is a physical reality and non-physical reality we live in. The physical reality cannot be manipulated without a sequence of cause and effect. Non-material reality, on the other hand, can be manipulated without cause and effect. Ideas just jump into our heads without the need to follow a sequence of events.

This conclusion I believe is enough for those who can understand it, and these are the individuals that can stay in the middle. So, we may not always have control over the ideas that pop into our head. In fact, we could easily be manipulated into believing something that is not real or true. We all are very vulnerable to subluminal messages unfortunately. However, these ideas do not create our physical reality; they only alter our perception of our reality for a short time. If you stick long enough in the middle, by questioning these ideas and the reality presented to you at this moment, a reality that failed to follow the laws of physics, then you will realize that your perception was in fact manipulated during that time. But again, perception can only be manipulated for a short time; the physical reality soon turns out to be the same as it is supposed to be.

Conclusion: If you want to save yourself from deception stick in the middle grounds. Do not believe the sudden changes that have no base on the reality, but also do not be too stubborn to believe that things should always behave based on the laws of physics that we know so far. There may be other laws of physics that we may not yet be aware of. Do not fool yourself into believing that we humans know and have discovered everything that is to know about how matter and non-matter interact to create our reality. The best way is to stay in the middle path and entertain the idea but do not take sides. Just watch the movie being played all around you and try not to be part of it by reacting with panic or euphoria. Try to be in the play but not be played. If you do this my friend you will be safe from deceptions.

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