Time to face the truth: We live in a jungle.

I bought myself a cute trouble these days, categorized as a shiatsu. I call him Jack. My despair is so big because I want to train my cute puppy to poop on the right places but he doesn’t seem to understand human language. Yet, when I yell at him, his cute eyes break my heart in million pieces as if I am the bad person for asking him such an unreasonable thing to do, to poop on the training potty pad. Instead of studying for my Master’s Program I am searching and reading books on how to train your puppy.

I am learning that puppies poop for attention. Therefore, even though I have hundred things to do on my list, I have to drop everything else and play with my puppy all day. I thought these books must be wrong, so I decided to study my puppy’s behavior for the whole week. Interesting facts, very interesting facts I discovered indeed. I discovered that my shiatsu puppy is no different than some humans. He barks at me when he wants food, he barks at me when he wants me to pay attention to him, and most of all he barks at me when he poops on the wrong places. I almost started to think that my puppy must be so proud of his poop. He must think that when he poops he is giving me a gift, a gift that he himself made it for me and me only. He barks at me when I try to clean his shit, as if I am so unjust for swiping his master piece away. Oh, I must be such an evil person. Alas, there are many humans that act just the same. They believe that they create masterpieces and they would like to sell their masterpieces to everyone. They bark and bark and advertise that they have the best shit ever for you, why don’t you try it? These are the dog people. But well, to their fairness, at least shiatsu-doggy-people indeed create something of their own, that only them should like. However, we have some other doggy-people who bark at you and ask for your attention but they have created no poop at all, they just sell you air.

Well, how about cat-people who act cute until they get what they want from you and then after that you no longer exist for them. And so it goes, we have owl-people that only watch and gather info and they may use that info (your dark secrets) whenever they may need it. And who knows how many other types of animals we are dealing with. My conclusion? We have been living in a jungle all along my folks. We had managed most of the time to make a wolf sit beside a sheep without tearing her apart publicly. Instead, we have managed to adjust the wolf’s behavior and make him seem like a good shepherd. So, this is our sad reality where you cannot tell with which type of animal you are dealing with because they all have human faces. Well, cheers my friends!

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