I have nothing else to say

And we have now reached the point in the human’s history where man cannot figure out what to do with knowledge. What is knowledge good for when idiots seem to have a better life?
As the online Time magazine reported today, a 62 year old man from Arvada, Colorado pleaded guilty for tossing away 600 books from his car window, on one of the busiest highway in Colorado, in Boulder County, four months ago.

I feel his pain, and I totally understand his point. He told the police, that he tossed out the books because he did not know what to do with them anymore. This man used to sell these books online but I suppose with so much crap out there these days who wants to read any more books. Books that become bestsellers nowadays, and are the most popular are those books that need no thinking. Most people today, act as if God forbid, if a book would make us think our own thoughts, even for a fraction of a second, our brains may explode. So better receive knowledge through any Youtube video/channel, or from any self-declared specialist in any field, while the elite of our smart-ass-PhD-people continues the monotonous clapping of their hands over the repetitive and going-nowhere knowledge. OH! These smart-ass-PhD-people are so focused on admiring their own image. I have nothing else to say but ask, “God, please wake me up from this nightmare.”

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