The Reality You Live in, Is This Your Reality?

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I worried that, when I first titled my book “Live the Life You Dream,” inadvertently I may have sent the wrong message to some. Dear friend and reader, if you ever read this post or my book, please understand that I do not wish to fool anyone with empty promises; that is Satan’s job, not mine. All I wanted to do with that book was to introduce the four step formula that opposes all previous beliefs about the Law of Attraction and Destiny. My wish was, and still is, to make my readers aware that in order to fulfill your dreams you must first understand yourself, understand your soul and the reasons why you are HERE in the first place.

To understand why you are HERE, either spiritually, mentally or physically, it may take time, and you also need to understand the 12 laws that affect our souls and define who we are and our position in relation to the universe. However, this process can be shortened by realizing that often what we aim for in life, may not be our real dreams. These dreams may be illusions that have been imposed to us by many different means.
Therefore, the aim of this book “Live the Life YOU Dream,” is to help those who are already feeling uncomfortable against all odds. If reality around you suggests that you should be happy and furthermore, this reality inspires you to have hopes that one day you will reach your goals and fulfill your dreams, yet you feel strange and odd, then it is time to examine this reality. Is this your reality or is this an illusion? If you start realizing that you are like a hamster running inside a wheel, always spinning but going nowhere, and want an answer for your question, then the four step formula Think-Pray-Dream-Dare shared in the book “Live the Life YOU Dream” may shed some light onto your reality.

Now you may rightly ask, what good is it to realize that the reality you are living is uglier than what you first thought it was, if you can do nothing to change this reality? In that case you decide to go back to sleeping, rather living an illusion than a reality that you can do nothing about. I understand that, but, my dear friend and reader, there is a solution. A solution to our problems can always be found and it does not require you to fight anyone else but your own self….to be continued.

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