Mission Impossible!

I had a conversation with a wise man once. He said there are two types of people in this world, those who lead and those who follow. I nodded and agreed with him, but it has been for a while now that I have started to have doubts in this categorization. I think there are three types of people in this world: Narcissists, Invisibles, and Followers.

Narcissists will stop at nothing to make profit for themselves. They truly work hard and come forward as leaders and this way they gain many followers. Then they stop looking around for support and followers, because the less you pay attention to this mass of followers the more they will adore you.

Followers, pretty much the previous paragraph says it all. They follow the one that belittles them, and makes them feel just what they are, a background for the narcissist. Even when these followers have great leading positions they only follow orders of the narcissist above them.  Even when these followers are spiritual leaders (unfortunately so many of them, so many), they still follow a dogma, and have no thoughts of their own.

Invisibles are like the Echo who fell in love with Narcissus, a Greek god. In case you did not know their love story, Echo was a beautiful girl and wanted to help Narcissus get out of his madness, but her words were never understood by him. She was cursed to repeat the last words she heard. Despite her wonderful thoughts and feelings she had inside her, Echo was never able to make her point. She was not like other followers, because she truly loved Narcissus; she only wanted to help the guy to connect with the reality and experience true love instead of loving his own image. Well, Echo was not able to save Narcissus from his madness, as we all know. At the end of the story he dies.

Who are these Invisibles like Echo, you may ask? These invisible people are everywhere, among ordinary people and among famous people. They are driven not by fame for themselves but to help others to see the light. They may be like your next door neighbor who is always careful not to hurt your feelings, or they could even be the famous scientists but only those scientists whose aim is not to always be right but to always find a better solution. These invisibles could be some of those famous philosophers, but only those who cared for people, not for titles. They are sometimes famous writers too, but their fame gets reduced to their style of writing or emotions that their story may trigger, while in the mean time, the point that the writers was trying to make with their story, becomes invisible.

Invisibles always want to help somebody, but I have come to the point that I am losing hope and I feel like the rest of the world is a lost cause of narcissists and followers. I want to cry out: Invisibles, wake up now! You cannot save followers from being followers, they are born that way; and you cannot save a narcissist from his own self it seems. Remember the ongoing story, these self-absorbed people like Narcissus and Nero are destined to die by their own hands. Then what is left for us to do here in this world full of madness?

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