This precious extra second!

the second 2

“What will you do with this extra second?” my friend asked me this morning. At that second I sneezed, and then we laughed and laughed. Yet, her question kindled an idea in me.

What will I do with this extra second given to me?

There is a list of things one can do in just one second:

1) Sip a glass of wine,

2) Look yourself in the mirror and say “Oh! You are so fabulous!”

3) Save a life by paying attention on the road while driving

4) Take a deep breath and appreciate life

5) Look at your loved one and say “I love you”

6) Reach for a book to read

7) Realize that you are just a small speck in the universe,

8) Realize, Time is precious

9) Turn on the switch and let darkness turn to light

10) Put your gun down and realize that the one in front of you is not your real enemy

11) Realize that everything happens for a reason

12) Realize the truth about your existence

Well, this list can go on and on and on. And you probably started to realize by now that the most important things happen in one second or even a fraction of a second. It is called awareness. Actions that will follow this awareness may take long, but once one becomes conscious, everything else will take its own course of actions.

Did it not take just a second for the first human to realize that he can think?

Something very important can only take a second.

Let’s us all use that second for a good purpose, and not let it go to waste.

Every second counts.

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