Synchronicity in our lives is not a coincidence


This little flower here has an amazing story to tell. It is almost unbelievable. This is a school project for my youngest daughter. All students in her class planted sunflowers in small styrofoam cups and brought them home. Well, we didn’t pay much attention to that flower until we got a letter from her teacher saying that we needed to transfer that flower to a bigger pot or garden. Then teacher asked that child and parent take a series of pictures that capture how the plant will grow over the summer and show how we took care of it. These pictures will be reported back to the teacher in September. I panicked for a moment, the flower was dying, or maybe even died, (I am not quite sure as I know nothing about flowers). We didn’t know how serious the teacher was about this project so we left the plant in a corner of the house, not paying attention to it and not watering it. I had no hopes that it was going to survive but I took the sunflower to my mom’s garden and planted it there anyhow. A week after, we went to visit my mom and she said that sunflower had survived. We went in the garden and took this picture so we can report it to the teacher in September. I just took one picture in a rush and happy that my daughter will have something for the report. I didn’t look back at this picture until yesterday when I wrote the poem “My name is LOVE and you cannot kill me.” I wanted to illustrate Love with how a plant fights to survive. I was surprised when I looked at this picture. It really tells you something, and all this was just a coincidence; nothing was planned. I am asking myself, how can things synchronize in such effortless matter giving us a bigger picture of the bigger meanings?

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