The Truth will prevail.

Presentation1The Truth is some very delicate subject. What can we define as Truth and what can be define as a Lie? Some people like to collect facts and rub them in your faces; others interpret those facts and tell you that those are not facts but pieces of information taken out of their context. And the game goes on and on and on.  People, were always forced to join one group or the other. We are forced to conform in certain groups otherwise we will be left out, ridiculed, opposed, and prevented from moving forward in life, if we dare to do so. Someone told me once that there is not much I can do about what I think is true or right because there are these Gate Keepers who decide about that. His intention obviously was to discourage me in continuing to write and talk about The Truth. Sadly, I must say that he may have succeeded at some point because if there are Gate-Keepers that already know everything we do and they decide what will become known to masses or not, then what’s the point of hoping that one day that voices of those who speak the truth will be heard? And this rings the bell for me, “Are we being kept hostage?”

I feel the pain that people cannot stop searching for the truth and yet some are unable to identify it even if it is right there in front of them. Those who can see the truth keep hoping to help others see the truth too, but dare they point at the truth they will be punished. The truth is buzzing among us but dare we stop our stupid daily routines to listen to the truth we will instantly be distracted by the loud noise of those who want us to forget about it. So many philosophers and psychologists, writers and scientists spoke about the truth and pieces of the truth but somehow their teachings or pieces of information get lost in the sea of nonsense. I wonder why?

I really want to believe that things will get better one day and people will finally listen to what is important and not to what they are forced to. I walked by a community center today, one of those 1000 community centers in Toronto, and I was marveled at what a community can do if they put their forces together. I could feel love floating around in that parking lot; I could feel the sense of responsibility when everyone dressed in orange shirts was so preoccupied in doing their part so the picnic or the activity could run smoothly. You could immediately sense that these people were happy to serve and others were happy to participate. There was no need to know the truth at moments like this. They were simply enjoying the company of one another and doing their best to serve their community. And that is the Truth, the Love for one another. In those moments of being together and loving one another is all the Truth one needs to know about God, or human soul.

Even though I may still believe that the truth is kept hidden and those Gate Keepers are doing a fantastic job in keeping the truth from spreading (I think we should reward them for their unique skills on falsification, classification, twisting and downplaying the true facts), Yet, the truth is right in our hearts, and in front of us. No matter what Gate keepers do, the truth will prevail, because the love for living life− not destroying it− will always prevail. And that’s the truth.

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