The Human Confusion

As I was listening to the news on BBC radio one Canada last night, I was filled with hope that finally some new invention will help soldiers (I wrongly assumed that could work for all patients) to deal with the symptoms of Post-Traumatic-Depression and even cure them from PTD. But, I should have known better. I said I was filled with hope, and hope is the worst feeling one should rely on. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, hope is that two faced monster.

Well it seems like hope is rooted deep in our DNA, and that is the worst part of human DNA. Now some believe that human DNA, this mysterious thing is so important because it contains blah… blah… blah…, a unique code for each one of us. And that is all what matters. In fact that is not all that matters. What makes us unique is not just the DNA but also our souls. This monopole magnetic field that surrounds us everywhere we go, which I explained it as antimatter-the opposite of matter- is equally important too, (refer to previous posts for more info). Imagine having a beautiful coffee mug but unfortunately this mug is too fragile and cannot handle hot beverages as it will break. So you will wait for your beverage to cool off and then pour it in your special mug, but now your coffee or tea will not taste the same. Therefore you need to engineer a stronger mug that is beautiful as the first one but that can handle the beverage the way you want it. But you see, it is not the mug that we taste, it’s the beverage inside it.

Anyhow, the discussion went far from what I wanted to say at the beginning of this post, but everyone out there is getting the hints that our discussions will always come back in one way or another to our DNA, our souls, our hopes and our destinies. This is in fact the core of all disagreements that ever existed on Earth, among humans or gods. Now not everyone is aware of this I am afraid, but don’t worry, you do not need to know the facts from the past to see what is happening in the world today. In today’s world which is not different from the world in the past, we see humans turning against humans, a good neighbor all of a sudden goes mad and starts shooting everyone, or starts blaming everyone else, or even shooting himself and his family. People are confused, why some people become irrational overnight, and others are confused as they don’t understand who is fighting whom, and who really is behind every group.

No need to sweat it my friend as there is nothing you can do to fix what is already broken by continuing to apply the same old same old human judgment and your own version of justice. As one of my good friends Tamara pointed it out, “You cannot end a war with another war.” We end the madness by curing it not blaming it, we cure hate with love as where is hate is a broken heart. No other way will save us from evil. Evil in the world will root deeply if we think that we are as powerful as God and therefore giving ourselves permission to judge others and label other people as bad and ourselves as the good ones. Evil roots even deeper each day when we believe that we have the right to decide who deserves to live and who doesn’t, by terminating a life which God has already allowed to exist. This is either massively  preposterous exhibition of our human stupidity, that demonstrates how easy we can be manipulated to believe in the wrong ideas, or is the disgraceful manifestation of our inflated ego which makes us feel more important than God even; reasoning that if God has not killed the criminal then we should, because God is not doing His job.

With this post I am trying to bring some sense to all those who believe in human justice and capital punishment, that God is not stupid first of all and second God is not waiting for us to bring some sense to Him by killing one another or the ones we think do not deserve to live. But God cares about the balance of energies. You see, God will not have any problem wiping out any human being or even the entire human race, as we just keep proving our stupidity and other times we keep proving that we carry evil in our hearts, but maybe God is not doing it because God sees beyond of what we see. Think about it.

For those Capital Punishment and Human Justice enthusiasts, I want to tell this short story that is part of an Albanian Comedy of 19th century. One day a patient asked the doctor known as Dr. Adhamulli,  “Doctor, how do you cure your patients?” Dr. Adhamulli answered, “If one of your arms hurts I will cut it to save the other arm. If your eye hurts I pull it out to save the other eye. You get the picture?” Then the patient asked, “But doctor, what about when your head hurts?”

Thank you for reading,
Ardiana Bani

P.S. The topic of treating the symptoms of Post-Traumatic-Depression for soldiers using desensitization via visual and audio devices needs special attention and I will cover it soon in another post.

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