What would a good teacher expect from his students?

As I was teaching my class today I had to stop more than once to get someone’s attention. His talking to his friend was becoming a distraction for others. I asked my student if he was aware that what I was teaching would be very beneficial to him in getting a good mark on his upcoming exam. The student seemed embarrassed and to avoid all that attention on him quickly added “I am sorry.” But, he was sorry five minutes earlier and yet he repeated it again. So, I was thinking, maybe it’s time to tell him why I care that him and others receive a good mark on this exam. I care, I added, because the satisfaction of a teacher is in seeing your students demonstrate that they have learned what you so passionately shared and taught them.

At that moment I was trying to imagine how Jesus would have felt learning that people are killing other people in his name and also people are being killed because of his name. His teachings are all forgotten and what has become important now is only his name. How sad indeed! Is that what a good teacher expects from his students to praise him or is the teacher expecting them to honor his teachings?

If a teacher wants to be praised then a teacher should have better become an actor, but a real teacher wants his teachings to be heard and followed because of the value they bring for his students.

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