In part one of my book the Truth, in a series of insights starting from one simple assumption that antimatter is not disappeared and it is in fact the realm of knowledge, thoughts and ideas I reached the conclusion that our human body is simply a mechanism that holds matter and antimatter together in one exact proportion rate between the two energies of matter and antimatter, even when we sleep. This proportion of energies is disturbed when death occurs. Keeping the same proportion rate between matter and antimatter energies in us is a harmonious and continuous process from birth to death. For those who will have the chance to read this book they will come to understand as why one of the energies (matter or antimatter) becomes smaller the other one follows it, and when one of the energies increases the other one increases too at the same proportion rate.

In the second part of the book The Truth, I argue that if we look carefully we can observe the same general tendency everywhere in nature not just in humans. Everything that follows a pattern and repeats in cycles, does so at almost the same rate every time it repeats. For example, there is day and there is night, and the total number of day hours balances the total hours of nights in the same year. There are longer nights and short days, as there are short nights and longer days but at the end all is balanced. In the nature, in the wilderness, we have prays and predators, however, if humans would not interfere, the population of animals balances itself out; not too many predators and not too many prays.

Everything tends to be aiming for a balance because energy and therefore, matter and antimatter will never be created from nothing and will never disappear to nothing. The same matter and antimatter therefore must be recycled over and over and the totals of matter and antimatter must always balance (as discussed in part one of the book).

So, all that exists on Earth (or anywhere in the universe), everything and every organism that is created, they will each individually represent a mechanism of conserving a balance of energies between matter and antimatter. Plants have a specific ratio of energies between matter and antimatter to conserve, animals have a different ratio of energies to conserve and their ratio may be different from the ratio of plants but it is the same ratio for all members of their species. Humans too have their own ratio to conserve. Therefore, we are created and we must continue to exist in order to maintain this balance of energies. Our human souls (level four antimatter- as discussed in part one of my book) as carriers of knowledge, feelings and past experiences will always survive and will continue to exist, because antimatter just like matter and energy do not disappear into nothing.

We know for sure that when one dies the physical body will decay, but the total number of atoms that previously formed that material body, will not disappear. Those atoms will transform to create new things, and this new things will still belong to the Earth. In the meantime the human soul, the monopole magnetic field of antimatter, will be reused and needed for a new human body. In this sense, human life is no different than the life of a plant or any other living organism. We exist, we are born, live and die and will be born again, to carry on the knowledge in our level four antimatter, from one generation to another.

Since humans have no power over the law of existence then we cannot control when to be born or in what fetus will our soul get attached to, after we die. Therefore, our job is to simply continue to exist for the sake of the balance of energies between matter and antimatter. As a derivation of this law of nature, we can state that death caused by human decisions no matter how ethical and just it may seem to do so, is in fact wrong. Every time life cycles of living beings (humans, animals or plants) are terminated, as a result of human errors or his arbitrary interventions or capital punishment, humans upset the balance of energies between matter and antimatter of their own planet. The same goes when we artificially delay the natural occurrence of death by preventing the nature to complete its cycle. In those cases we also upset the balance of energies.

How can we know whether our actions are upsetting the balance of energies or not? How can we know when our desperate efforts to save the lives of our loved ones by extending their medical treatments, which sometimes are painful and unbearable for the person who is suffering, are in fact useless and we should let go? The answer may be very simple. One knows it in their heart. Who is ready to change life that one has no fear of death. When someone is fully aware of natural rhythm of life, and wishes to die, we then should respect their wishes. On the other hand, no matter how big of a crime one has committed, other humans have no right to decide to end his (her) life. Capital punishment is one of our biggest mistakes. Yet again, we can argue that if our life or the lives of loved ones are in danger, then terminating the life of the most direct threatening source as a self-defense act may just be the only thing to apply. It is unfortunate though that humans become easily scared of losing their lives and their material possessions and this leads them to judge others as threats even when there is no immediate threat and may never be one.

In conclusion, realizing the delicate nature of this law we must be very careful as how we interact with one another, and how we affect one another in psychological and physical levels. Hence, the golden rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Especially this golden rule will become something very important when we will realize that if one of the laws is triggered, then all the other eleven laws will start applying too. For example, once we decide to terminate one life by judging him or her as a threat we are initiating this law, the law of existence. In order to maintain the previous balance of energies this law will cause new changes in hope of fixing that balance. New changes will trigger other laws to take place. Knowing these laws already after I finished writing my hypothesis, and realizing their damaging effects then I can say that there is nothing good to expect when these twelve laws start kicking in our lives as a chain reaction.

Thank you for reading,
Ardiana Bani

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