The Second Insight: Imperfection is the Cause of Our Existence


In the first insight we reached the conclusion that everything that we experience and perceive to be different from matter−things that we cannot touch or see but we know that they exist, such as thoughts, images, and ideas−must be made of antimatter. By accepting this simple assumption it follows then that Antimatter has not disappeared, it is in us and all around us and we produce more of it each day. The proof of antimatter’s existence is the presence of our thoughts. As a result, we can conclude that this interaction between matter and antimatter signals the beginning of our existence and it is this interaction that makes us conscious of who we are.

So, it is the interaction of matter and antimatter that makes us conscious of our surrounding and physical reality, but how did this physical reality come to its existence? Evidence has been found that at the moment of creation universe consisted of just dust matter (matter particles). This matter started spinning for some reasons. It was this spinning motion that made it possible for the matter particles to concentrate and to form planets and stars. The question is: What gave matter this perfect spinning motion? It is not hard to notice this common tendency of spinning matter in nature and all around us. Planets and galaxies spin and even the smallest particles like electrons spin. Science does not give a satisfying answer to this question, and all is still a mystery because we are looking for complicated answers, while in fact the answer is quite simple: The antimatter causes the spinning motion.

If we assume that antimatter is the cause that forces matter particles to spin what could be this property of antimatter that can cause this movement? From physics, we all know that only the presence of a magnetic field that rotates (spinning around its center) can cause movement of charged matter particles. Therefore, if we assume that antimatter is all around us and possesses a magnetic field that spins around its own center in the universe, then we can say that it was this magnetic field which caused dust matter to spin and concentrate into celestial bodies. This can also explain the uniform spinning motion that we observe everywhere in the universe. However, I must add that this magnetic field of antimatter must be a special type known as monopole magnetic field, different from the dipolar magnetic (North-South) that we know of. All the detailed reasoning as why I reached to the above conclusion that magnetic field of antimatter is a mono type is explained in my book “The Truth.”

Now, as Higgens suggested in his theory a combination of different subatomic particles (electrons and protons) with different amounts of this magnetic field, nowadays called higgens field, created different types of atoms. Since everything in our world around us is made of atoms, then everything that exist, it exists therefore as proportion between matter and this magnetic energy−antimatter.

Energy of matter = – k (Energy of antimatter)

I used the negative sign in this formula for reasons that make sense mathematically and which I explain in my detailed version of this hypothesis. However, it is only important to know at this point that this negative sign indicates that these two energies of matter and antimatter, are the opposites of one other. From this formula we can conclude that if the value of k is equal to 1 at some point in time or some place in the universe, then this means that when k=1 the energies of matter and antimatter will be equal in values but opposites of one another. As a result, the total energy of everything that exist in that moment, or place, will be zero Total E= Matter E + Antimatter E = 0.

So, here we can come to the conclusion that if the total energy is zero that does not mean that nothing exists in that particular space in certain part of the universe. It may just mean that everything there is in balance or that the total of all the energies of matter and antimatter in that particular space sums up to zero. In all other places where k≠1 we will have an imbalance of matter and antimatter energies which will create a momentum force. It is this momentum that sets matter in movement. We, can now conclude that for things to come to their existence an imbalance between the energies of matter and antimatter must first and formost exist. In other words, imperfection brings things into their existence, and it is also this imperfection that drives us to change and to make things better until they reach the perfect balance.

To summarize this insight we can say that antimatter has not disappeared but is all around us, in a form of a special type of magnetic field. In fact, it may just be the interaction between matter and antimatter at different proportions that brings things to their existence. Antimatter is a monopole magnetic field that is present even inside the smallest particle of matter, the atom. It is this magnetic field of antimatter that causes the subatomic particles to spin. In general it is the presence of antimatter that sets the whole matter in spinning motion around the centers of galaxies and around the center of the universe itself.

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