The First Insight: Re-Defining Antimatter

Humans believe to be the only rational being on the planet Earth. Human’s mind always wondered, are we alone in this universe? Are we created by chance? Do we have souls? What is God and where is God? And finally, where do our thoughts come from? Often, we know the origin of our thoughts; our thoughts are obvious conclusions derived from our previous thoughts and previous experiences. However, many other times we wonder how do we get new ideas and new insights? Why do we become conscious and start thinking first thing in the morning, as soon as we awake up, but we are not conscious about our reality and our existence when we sleep? Why do we sleep and what’s the purpose of it?

We have some of the answers regarding reality of the world around us. The science has discovered many amazing facts about our human body too and the way we function, yet, we don’t have all the answers. We don’t even have the answers to the most basic questions: Why do we sleep, what are dreams, and what causes the DNA to multiply. Things become much more complex when we experience paranormal activity.

Obviously, we are missing something very important; we are missing an ingredient or some knowledge that may answer all our questions. This missing ingredient was in fact proposed by our ancient philosophers first, about two millenniums and a half ago and it was called etheric medium. To be more precise they first called it “the thought of God.” Modern science however, ignores the existence of etheric medium completely. Let’s start our journey in search of the truth about our human soul, from the most common concept that we are all aware of, our consciousness.

Consciousness is considered a product of our human brain, on the other hand no one has ever seen a human soul, or knows how it works. So at this point in human development, we speak of conscious as a feeling of awareness produced by our brain, while soul as something mystical that may or may not exist, because there is no proof of its existence. At this point I will dare to argue: What if our consciousness is simply a way to recognize our soul’s existence? So, let’s see, when we are asleep we continue to exist even though we are unconscious. To others we seem motionless, as if we are lifeless, but to ourselves we existed and continue to exist. Even though we were unconscious for a while, upon waking up we know that we existed during the time we slept, but we existed in a different reality, in the reality of our dreams. What if the same thing happens after we die? What if our souls exist and continue to exist after death in another realm, just like it happens when we are asleep or temporary unconscious.

It is true that our physical bodies are made of matter. Everything that surrounds us is made of matter. On the other hand, we also experience this nonmaterial world of thoughts, images, and emotions. Our thoughts and beliefs define our characters which make each one of us unique. However, this invisible nonmaterial world of thoughts and ideas that define us needs a material environment to play itself, to make itself known; it needs our brain as a material place to make these thoughts noticeable.

When you think of the brain this way, you began to view the functioning of it in a similar way to the functioning of a television or computer. Then we could assume that it is not the brain that produces our thoughts on its own. Our human brain could just be the device that recognizes thoughts and ideas and then this device makes these ideas accessible to us. These thoughts or ideas may arrive in our brain from somewhere else, from a realm outside of our physical body. New thoughts and ideas may arrive in us in the form of electromagnetic waves just like the images on TV arrive from somewhere. As we know, the images that we see on TV are usually recorded long before they reach the flat screen in our homes. Those live events were recorded before and then they were transformed into electromagnetic waves which then traveled through space and finally were captured by the networks as signals. Our computers or TVs transformed these signals into images and we were finally able we see these images on the flat screen of the TV. Could our brain work just like an electronic device in the sense that it does not create its own thoughts but it’s a tool that helps to reproduce thoughts and ideas that have previously existed? Could an invisible realm be the holder of our thoughts before these thoughts appear in our brain? Could this realm of thoughts that we each hold individually also be the one we call soul?

If we accept the idea that we have souls, which act like medium that holds common thoughts and ideas before these are recognized inside our individual brains, this does not contradict of what we know scientifically about the functioning of our brain. Hence, we can make the following assumption: Our individual souls are the holders or facilitators of such invisible world of images and common knowledge that exists before these thoughts are decoded and turned into our own individual thoughts and ideas inside our brains. On the other hand, our individual souls that we individually become conscious about may be just small parts of a bigger and invisible realm of knowledge and thoughts.

So, while we produce thoughts we deal with material and non-material realms. Our reasoning for example is not material because we cannot touch our thoughts, images, ideas or feelings. However, all these thoughts and ideas relate to a physical reality which we can in fact touch, see and feel. Since our reasoning is not material, then it is not made of matter. We could use the word non-matter to indicate this invisible world of thoughts and ideas, but I believe the word antimatter will fit this description even better. I think using the word antimatter to describe this non-material realm of thoughts is more appropriate because thoughts are nothing like matter, and the word antimatter itself indicates that antimatter is nothing like its opposite, the matter.

By using the word antimatter to describe this non-material world of thoughts and ideas I am in fact going against the agreement settled among the scientists today. Scientists have arbitrary decided to call antimatter some sort of particles that they believed was the first to create all the matter. Since this particle, “God particle” or dark matter, etcetera is merely an assumption, then that does not make it true. On this ground, therefore, I dare to contradict scientists and call antimatter the realm of non-material entities. The word antimatter itself gives the impression of something that is not made of particles and therefore must not have mass which is a characteristic of matter. Therefore, thoughts and ideas fit the description of antimatter better than the invisible “particle” that scientists are searching for. Based on this I formulated a new hypothesis about antimatter as follows:

    1. Rational thinking that occurs inside the brain could be the result of the interaction between this non-material realm, antimatter, and the matter of our physical body, particularly with our brain. Once this invisible entity (call it antimatter or soul) comes into contact with our receiver, the brain, then our brain will be stimulated making us aware of our surroundings and our own existence, hence, conscious.
    2. Soul, or this invisible entity, triggers and is responsible for more than one function. This non-matter is responsible for everything that we experience as non-matter, such as thoughts, feelings, the ability to create, imagination, ability to judge, to assess, etc.
    3. Everything that is made of antimatter, is not made of matter, therefore not made of any type of particle (atoms, molecules, sub-particles). As a result, anything made of antimatter must not have mass but that does not mean it does not possess energy.
    4. The realm of thoughts exists in space independently of our existence and it’s accessible to us because of the structure of our brain. This puts us in a more advanced scale compared to other animals, but that does not guarantee that we are the most advanced species on Earth or in the universe.

If we would accept this hypothesis as true then we can further conclude that humans reproduce both matter and antimatter. Matter is reproduced (recycled) every time we reproduce other little mechanisms, our human babies, which will start reproducing (recycle) the antimatter in the form of new theories, discoveries, new ideas, and gaining this way more and more awareness about the world around us. Is the mechanism of our human body and mind a pure coincidence or is it the creation of a superior intelligence? In order to understand this, we first need to understand how the universe itself is created.

A very well-known hypothesis exists about the creation of the universe which states that matter and antimatter collided together causing a big explosion, and this signaled the creation of our universe. This hypothesis is known as the Big Bang Theory and assumes that matter and antimatter eliminated one another upon contact. Whatever matter was left, after the Big Bang, created our universe. The supporters of this theory assume that antimatter all disappeared after the explosion. In contrary to the Big Bang theory, if we accept that antimatter has not disappeared or eliminated then we can say that antimatter exists all around us and is the holder of the realm of thoughts that feeds us with new ideas daily. Therefore, the universe was created and it continues to exist not because matter and antimatter eliminated one another but in contrary, the universe exists because of the continuing attraction and interaction between matter and antimatter.

By accepting that antimatter is not disappeared and that antimatter is not made of particles then our normal tools and devices used to detect matter obviously cannot capture or detect antimatter. Our thoughts, images, ideas and feelings (all products of antimatter) cannot be seen or measured but they are recognized only inside our brains. We can say now that human consciousness is nothing more than the moment of recognizing and detecting the presence of antimatter.

The assumption that a realm of thoughts exists all around us is in fact quite old. Anaxagoras (500-450 B.C.) for example one of our first scientists and philosopher accepted the existence of this ingredient and called it “the mind of matter.” Even though according to him superstition or divine intervention had nothing to do with the creation of the world, he acknowledged that this ingredient was important in keeping small particles of matter together. Plato also believed in the same idea. He took this idea a bit further by calling this ingredient “The thought of Zeus,” (meaning God) in his famous work “Parmenides and Republic.” Other philosophers and scientists like Rene Descartes (1596-1650) and Maxwell (1831-1879) called this invisible ingredient “an etheric medium.” They stated in their theory that this invisible world of ether is not made of matter but is a holder of the matter and it is in fact the main reason why all matter exists. Nowadays, scientists have accepted the theory proposed by Peter Higgs that assumes that an energy field penetrates the entire universe, and it is the interaction with this field energy that creates the particles of matter with different masses. So, the hypothesis of antimatter seems to have been around for ages. Humans have thought and rethought of the existence of this invisible medium during all their existence. Yet, we continue to search for this special ingredient—the antimatter—even today. Have we been searching in the wrong places? Are we going to finally accept the existence of this invisible realm that is right in front of us, in us and above us?

If we finally accept that antimatter is not matter therefore is not made of particles, and so antimatter does not have mass, then what is antimatter made of? I explain this further in my hypothesis by using deductive, conductive, abductive and empirical reasoning, and is all laid out in my book “The Truth in Search of Antimatter.” However, I can just simply state here that antimatter is nothing more than a monopole magnetic field that organizes itself in different levels of energy, just like matter organizes itself in different forms from the simplest forms to the most complicated ones.

Thank you for reading,
Ardiana Bani

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