The Truth about Soul, Human Consciousness and Antimatter

In search of antimatter (2)

What we define as right or wrong will only be temporary concepts if these definitions are based on different points of views and are judged by holding onto conflicting perspectives. The reality that we perceive and then evaluate based on our individual experiences goes beyond the obvious, and it is in fact this metaphysical reality that affects us the most. After realizing what goes on beyond the obvious, my mission became of helping others to come to the same awareness of this metaphysical reality and of the 12 natural laws that unconditionally affect all of us, despite race, gender or culture. Based on this discovery, I decided to offer my advice through my books on how to avoid becoming a victim of any of these 12 inescapable laws and how to prevent causing any further damages to ourselves or others.

In this new hypothesis about antimatter, the corresponding negative to all matter in the universe, I argue that it is related to and in fact proves the existence of what is usually called the soul for humans. This antimatter, that scientists have speculated about for generations, has not disappeared with the Big Bang, but instead existed, continues to exist among humans, and is even increasing day after day. Contending that totals of matter and antimatter in the universe must remain in equilibrium in order for the continued existence of the universe, I then offer a series of findings in an effort to explain how that equilibrium is maintained.

I am blending in this new hypothesis a series of discoveries and theories in sociology, psychology, philosophy and other scientific facts and laws of physics. In fact none of what we know to be absolutely true is contradicted by this new hypothesis. However, in my work, I needed to add a new definition of antimatter so that everything else we were struggling to explain in the fields of science can now be easier to describe and will make sense. Once we add this new ingredient, the antimatter, based on this new definition, then all the 12 laws of antimatter including the law of tension, acceleration, karma, appreciation and more will create a new common ground for all different theories of mind, human consciousness, and even different religions and beliefs. Instead of judging each other from different points of views we will start seeing the truth from the same firm ground, the antimatter.

The fact that we cannot detect the antimatter yet does not prove that it does not exist. In this hypothesis I offer other ways to prove its existence by looking at the effects of antimatter in our daily life and derive logical conclusions. I believe the concepts laid out in this hypothesis are essential to understand ourselves and our lives.

Seeing life under the light of this new hypothesis everyone will realize that often we, ourselves are the cause of the instability in our lives, we are the cause of natural disasters and death even. I want to point out that many times we wrongfully blame God, or others for catastrophic events but once you understand this new hypothesis you too will understand that it is not anyone’s fault but it is the effect of the 12 laws of antimatter (mirrors of the Laws of Physics that apply to matter) that causes all that trouble for us. Once we learn to recognize and acknowledge the effect of these 12 laws then we will be able to stop their negative effects and in fact we can use these laws to our own benefits. My hope is that whoever comes in contact and have the chance to learn about my new hypothesis of antimatter will consider it carefully and will examine its claims with an open mind.

In the following days I will post a short summary of this hypothesis in a simple language that can give the general idea of what Antimatter is and how it relates to human soul.

Thank you for reading,

Ardiana Bani

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