The Unexpected

images1I am sitting here with one book in my hand and ignoring the pile of chores  waiting for me to accomplish today. This book arrived in the mail sooner than I expected, and I usually plan my day or even days ahead, yet I always give into the impulse of that great feeling that I can’t explain. So, instead of doing what I am supposed to do I go ahead and read this book that doesn’t sound intriguing or have an impressive cover design, yet it makes me feel like I am going to discover something important, something that I had been expecting for so long and it arrived “unexpectedly” today.

The book is called “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ,” by Philip Pullman. It took only 3 hours to finish the whole book, and I am not a fast reader, but this book sucked me in. So without spoiling it for everyone who is curious to read this book I must say that I am highly glad and deeply sad at this moment. I am glad because I am not the only voice in the universe that thinks that there has been injustice to the teachings of Jesus. What Church did was murdering Jesus to the point of no return. They turned Jesus into a Myth no one can match and no one can really follow, because come on…Jesus was the Son of God therefore it was easy for him to say forgive and you will be forgiven. So against to all that Jesus fought to prove, that there is hope in humans, that humans can do something better than being fake, Church murdered him, his work, his teaching and his legacy, the one and only legacy he gave his life for: Humans.

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