Nietzsche was not a Nihilist

The more I’m reading about Nietzsche, the more I’m loving him and his philosophy. So deep, and so true.

My earlier knowledge about Nietzsche was that he was a Nihilist, and that’s all I knew about him. So wrong, so wrong!

I am starting to worry at this point that if Nietzsche was labeled Nihilist because he denied any values in traditional morals, religion and politics, then what’s left for us to do? If great minds like Nietzsche and their theories are historically repressed and mislabeled by little ignorant minds in power, then I am starting to lose hope that our society could ever change and awaken. If allowed, that could have happened long, long ago.

I can see at this point that it is not the human, it is nor his human mind or the spirit that is preventing him to comprehend the reality and make the best judgement from a human’s point of view, but it is a process of dehumanization that is causing all this trouble.

So, for those who may get this message better if one relates it to religion then I would say: If there was a Father who created us, he created us the right way. But, there is someone or something that wants to prove Him wrong by inducing fear of survival in humans and which evidently triggers all the wrong instincts, by dehumanizing us in the process.

Fear of survival comes in many different forms: fear of not being able to survive the financial demands of this society therefore dying of shame or starvation, fear of suffering physically therefore killing before being killed, fear of being ridiculed for your ideas therefore giving up or never giving up in proving one another wrong, no matter how high the cost might become. For those who are in the latest category I just want to remind them what Nietzsche has said, hoping that these will be able to recognize the difference between stubbornness and persistence, between the importance of the path one chooses and that of a goal: Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, only a few in pursuit of the goal. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

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