What is time?

Time seems like a constant thing. It goes on as a linear concept; it was before, it is now and it will be in the future. So is the space. And so is the human consciousness. And they are all limitless. But, time and space do not exist for me as an individual if I am not conscious. The past and the future do not exist for me unless I give them my attention. Therefore, time is not a constant thing for me. Time is discrete, made of intervals of past, present and future which my consciousness puts in order. However, there are events that happen before I existed, and I am told so. They are brought to my attention. There was the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth and after that mammals evolved, and then humans, and now it is me and you, and all of us. So time is brought to my attention as a sequence of events, but I am only learning about them not creating them. While I learn this, I position myself, my consciousness in this sequence of time and space. So time for me is just the knowledge of my existence.

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