It may sound strange but free will and destiny are not the opposites of one another. It’s hard to believe it because we’ve heard it all our life that we have free will so we can make our own decisions, and on the other hand we also heard that if destiny applies then we do not make our own decisions, because things happen as they are meant to happen. So, we believed that these two statements are opposites and we must choose one as true. Well, as my mission in life is to always find the middle path and not take any sides, I think I have found the solution to this “contradiction.” I did that by relying on science; so let’s do a little bit of physics here, but don’t worry I will keep it short and easy, I promise.

You know how the Sun is the source of energy that gives us light, keeps us warm, and in fact, life on Earth would not have developed the way it has if it wasn’t for this source of energy, the Sun. The Earth is attracted to the Sun because of its gravity, like every other planet in our solar system, but for some reason the Earth does not fall into the Sun, and this reason is the centrifugal force. The centrifugal force is the force created due to the spinning of the Earth around its axis. In the following figure, the red arrow represents the force of attraction between the Sun and the Earth due to their gravity. The straight blue arrow in the picture represents the centrifugal force due to the spinning of the Earth around itself. The resultant of these two forces is what forces Earth to move around the Sun in a circular motion.


So again, if there was just the gravitational force, the Earth would fall towards the Sun, and if there was just the centrifugal force due to spinning, the Earth would wander away from the Sun into the cosmos. But because both forces exist at the same time, the Earth does not fall into the Sun and it doesn’t get lost in space. So, we can say that for as long as these two forces exist, Earth’s destiny is to move around the Sun. Are you with me?

Now, let’s compare Earth’s destiny (Earth’s predetermined path) with our destiny. Each one of us individually has a personal ego, and this makes us want to exist separately from the others. This is the force of free will. Just like the centrifugal force was created due to Earth’s spinning around itself in the same way the force of free will is created due to recognizing our own individualism and wanting to do what pleases us in individual ways. On the other hand, we are all attracted to that main source of all the energies in this universe, which some of us prefer to call God, and this creates the gravitational force that pushes us towards the absolute knowledge, God.

So here we are at this point, we know we have our own individualism and this creates free will (centrifugal force), and that we are all attracted to the main source of energy, God (gravitational force). The resultant of these two forces, the force of free will and the force of wanting to know more by getting closer to God (the source of energy), creates the force of destiny that pushes us to follow our own individual path. Now you can see that free will and destiny are not opposites of one another. In fact destiny is as a result of free will and seeking true knowledge (gravitational attraction to the center of universe or God). If free will does not apply then there is no predetermined path, there is no destiny.

Our main conclusion here: Enjoy your life, celebrate your individualism because without free will you will be nobody. Also praise God (holder of true knowledge)  because without it we would be wandering aimlessly in the universe, bumping into one another without any purpose, endlessly and unpredictably.

3 thoughts on “Which one leads our lives, Destiny or Free Will? Another misconception regarding Destiny that has made our lives a little too difficult.

  1. Good thought! But naming of the ‘forces’ is misleading. By definition the “Centripetal” is the “center-seeking” force, while “Centrifugal” is the force “running away” from the center. May I request the author to throw more light on the governing “physics” please?


    1. You are right. That is a mistake. I must make the correction as follows: Gravitational force = the centripetal force. The resultant of the two is the one that forces the Earth to move around the Sun 🙂


  2. To all folks who are reading my posts: Thanks to this nice person, that I don’t know but which I am so thankful, I made the correction to the post above: Previously, I labeled the Resultant of the gravitational force with the centrifugal force as the centripetal force. That was a mistake. I fixed it as I could no longer live with that mistake, especially that it reminded me how foolish I was to believe that someone who edited my work and that knew better English also knew how the force was labeled. I trusted without doing the research myself, and I feel bad about this.

    Sometimes, I wish I had a friend that would stand by my side and would constantly catch my mistakes, English wise or not, before I make them public. But, such friend cannot exist. Therefore, I learned to not feel too embarrassed to accepting my mistakes, and fixing them rather than giving up or even worse, protecting my mistakes (due to pride) at any cost. Sincerely, I wish that people would be more often honest to me and and one another, I would love them for that.


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