If destiny is already written by God then why bother praying or wishing to God? Well, The Truth may surprise you…

One of my clients in my life coaching practice (I will use the alias name for her, Mimoza), strongly believed in the Law of Attraction, and had a very hard time at first accepting that destiny is written. Mimoza believed in a higher source of energy like many people nowadays, and she also believed that by wishing or asking this source of energy for what we want it will eventually come true. She just could not wrap her head around the fact that God exists and has already written our destinies but we still have to pray to Him and tell Him our wishes. If God has created our destinies previously, doesn’t God know what we want or what we need? Why do we have to pray to God or tell God about our wishes if He already knows them, since he created us?

I had to admit that Mimoza raised a very good point. My duty as a life coach was to make it clear to Mimoza that the fact that we ask God for help doesn’t mean we are telling God what to do or what not to do, but instead we are reminding ourselves of what we want, and what to expect after making the wish. This was something that Mimoza did not expect to hear.

In disbelief but quite curiously she asked me for more explanations. So, I explained it to Mimoza how prayer works and how every thought, including prayer, and every way of communicating among ourselves or with God, is done through exchanges of energy. After identifying your real wish in the first step of the four-step formula, which I explain in my individual life coaching sessions, as well as in some of my books, you then release this energy in the form of thoughts, wishes or prayers to the universe. Since physics tells us that energy is never wasted, it only transforms from one type of energy to another, then you should expect this energy from your thoughts or wishes to come back to you in the form of signs that can guide you to make the right decisions and make your wishes come true.

In short, we communicate our wishes through prayer, so we can release this energy and then we must expect the energy to return. Hence, ask and you shall receive.

The second benefit of verbalizing our wishes through prayers is that while we do this we become more conscious about the fact that we are asking for something and therefore we must expect something in return. What to expect is now clear after we say that prayer (the wish) because we give ourselves the opportunity to hear it one more time and to confirm to ourselves that we are asking to receive guidance either to take actions or do nothing in some cases.

Mimoza was in fact very hard to convince that destiny exists but after my explanations she was willing to give it a try. In her situation she came to me for help in applying the Law of Attraction in order to find a new job. As she explained to me, the environment at her work place was becoming very unsatisfying and perplexing for her and she was convinced that she needed to change jobs. Her frustration at her work place grew every day when all she was thinking was “When am I going to leave this place?” That was the reason why I suggested to Mimoza to start looking deep inside her heart to find her true wishes which are supported by her own destiny.

During this exercise Mimoza discovered that she really liked her job placement because it offered some benefits that she felt were very important to her, like the flexibility of hours, health benefits and the short distance from home. What was making Mimoza upset was not her workplace but the interaction she was having with two of her coworkers during her shift. After identifying that her real wish was not to leave the place but to have a better work environment and better interactions with her coworkers, Mimoza decided to make that wish and send it to God in the form of a prayer. In a matter of weeks things changed at her workplace. I cover her whole story and lots of other inspirational stories like this one in my book “Live the Life You Dream.” Do you also wonder like Mimoza whether there is destiny or do we have enough free will to make our own destiny? Some or all your questions can be answered in my two books dedicated to the Law of Attraction and Destiny. These books are featured in my website

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