Ignorance is bliss

“The highest wisdom is to know nothing,”” ignorance is bliss,”” curiosity killed the cat.” Take it or leave it, we’ve been warned many times that knowledge is a dangerous zone. And I believe it, but you see, the problem is not the knowledge but is in the way people rush to interpret this knowledge. As we never can obtain the full knowledge, we are only capable to perceive only part of it. Partial knowledge is always a mined field. Wise are those who understand and accept that what they know is only a little drop in the ocean of knowledge. They leave their euphoria and emotions of pride aside and share their little drop of knowledge with humility. As someone once said, “The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along.” So my point is we must avoid pride when we share of what we were blessed to know. We must avoid panic too when we learn only part of the truth. Let’s become aware that what we know are only pieces of a big puzzle and only by working together we can find part of the truth about part of the knowledge.



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