The 12 Laws that Define a Being

Law #1: The Law of Existence

Everything exists for a reason. 

Our human body is simply a mechanism that holds together matter (our physical body) and antimatter (the magnetic field known as our soul). These two energies must be kept at an exact proportion rate at all times for the human mechanism to function properly. This proportion rate is the same for all humans, and is maintained at every activity we perform even when we are asleep. When this proportion of matter and antimatter energies is changed or this mechanism can no longer maintain the correct proportion of energies then death will occur. Maintaining this same proportion rate of matter and antimatter energies is a continuous task that starts from birth until we die, and it is the main purpose of our existence. As so, when one of the energies (matter or antimatter) is lowered the other one will follow the same pattern, and if one of the energies increases the other one increases too, keeping this way the same proportion rate between the two energies.

If we look carefully around us, we can observe the same tendency everywhere in nature. Almost everything in the universe follows a pattern of events that repeats in cycles. For example, there is day and there is night, and the total number of day hours balances the total number of night hours in the same year. There are longer nights and short days, as there are shorter nights and longer days; yet, at the end their numbers are all balanced. In the nature and wilderness we see prays and predators, and if humans would not interfere, the population of prays and predators would balance itself. Everything in nature aims toward a balance, because from the moment that matter and antimatter were created[1] they were in balance and since matter and energy can never disappear to nothingness, they will continue to transform. However, totals of their energies will always remain the same.

So, all that exists on Earth, or anywhere in the Universe, everything and every organism that is ever created, represents a mechanism, the main purpose for its existence is to conserve the proportion of energies between matter and antimatter while keeping equal the totals of matter and antimatter energies in the universe.

Humans, therefore, are too created and continue to exist for as long as they serve this purpose of maintaining the balance of energies. Our human souls (level four antimatter, as explained in my book The Truth) are carriers of knowledge, feelings and past experiences which are all products of antimatter will always exist and continue to exist, because antimatter would never disappear into nothingness just like matter never would.

Therefore, we exist, we are born, live and die and are born again and again, to carry on the knowledge of our level four antimatter (souls), from one generation to another.

Since humans have no power over the Law of Existence then we do not control this law. This law controls us. We cannot decide or control it when will we die or be born again. Since we are powerless in this regard then our job is to continue to exist for the sake of the balance of energies. So, when humans kill other humans or decide when someone deserves to live or die− no matter how ethical and justified this decision may seem−is wrong, because with this we may be going against the laws of nature. When we give someone the capital punishment we act as if we are God and have the right to terminate or create life. Unfortunately, the reality has always proven that every time the life cycles of living beings (humans, animals or plants) are terminated, as a result of human errors or our arbitrary interventions, we have upset the balance of energies in this planet. When the balance of energies is not maintained then nature itself tends to balance it by causing the natural disasters.

In conclusion, realizing the delicate nature of this law we must learn to be very careful as how we interact with one another, and how we affect one another in psychological and physical levels. Hence, the golden rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. When we will realize that once one of the 12 laws of antimatter is triggered, all the other 11 laws will start affecting us, then we will be more careful each time we use our powers to destroy or create life.

[1] Refer to my Theory of Antimatter in the book The Truth for further details.

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