The 12 Laws that Define a Being

Law #2: Law of Destiny

Things happen for a reason!

It is not hard to recognize that our reality is a result of a chain of cause–effect events. Even the simplest action we carry on are as a result of cause-effect. For example when it rains, we become wet. When we get wet we feel cold. When we feel cold we need to warm up. When we feel the need to warm up, we will take actions to fulfill this need. So actions are driven by an effect which is previously forced by a cause. In the same way, when an individual wants to learn more of whatever interest strikes the individual’s curiosity, then this individual will feel the need to satisfy this curiosity. This need to learn and satisfy the curiosity is just the effect and so, it must be forced by a cause. We can conclude that there must be a force that applies in our level four antimatter (soul), and since this level is responsible for our thinking, feelings and talents, then it is the effect of this force that pushes each individual to become curious, to learn more, and gain more knowledge.

If there is a driving force then it must be a cause for this force too, and for each cause it must be another previous cause that caused it, and we can go on and on about this. At this point we can conclude that since for every action−triggered by the effect of a force−must be a cause, then somewhere in the past must have been something like the first cause of all the causes. I would like to call this first cause the reason. The very first impulse that pushed an individual to become curious of learning more and gaining more knowledge, to think and make conclusions as a means of making sense of reality, is the reason for all the cause-effect chain of events that continue to occur without interruption in one’s life. It makes sense to call this reason, destiny. So, destiny is the momentum of the first impulse which pushed us to be curious and to learn more in order to expend our consciousness, increase the level of our awareness.

If destiny is the first impulse then destiny is the reason for all the changes that occur in life. On the other hand, the previous law of existence is the reason for our being in order to maintain the balance of energies even after the changes occur. It is almost like a game where change destroys the balance and our being rebuilds a new balance. As I also explain it in my book The Truth, the purpose of level one antimatter is to cause change while interacting with matter particles to form atoms and to further create the physical reality through all possible combination of matter particles with level one antimatter (monopole magnetic fields).

As for level two antimatter (higher level of energy) its purpose is to create ATP−a special protein that is the source of energy for every living being−and also help DNA to duplicate. The combination of level one and level two antimatter with matter itself create different varieties of plants. We also have level three antimatter; its purpose is to create instincts and relates to the functioning of nervous system (all is explained in details in the book The Truth). Level four antimatter, in combination with all previous levels of antimatter and matter, gives us different types of human personalities with different beliefs and outlooks in life, different characteristics, skills and talents.

The information encoded in each of the energy levels of antimatter compels the matter that form molecules, cells, DNA, and specific genes to react in accordance to this antimatter energy. As so, destiny, as a law of nature, will always apply because it is the very reason for the first impulse which affected and continues to affect all matter and antimatter. Destiny is not the cause-effect but it is the very first reason for the cause-effect chain. It’s like when we decide to play pool, we take a cue on our hands and aim it on the billiard balls. Once we strike a ball, the ball will start moving as a result of the force applied on it. The strike that we executed on the ball is the cause, the movement of the billiard ball due to the strike is the effect of the strike, but the reason, the very first reason why we stroke that billiard ball was to play. Our game is over when we accomplish what we had in mind from the beginning of the game. As a result of this, of the first reason, our antimatter will force changes in our lives until the destiny is fulfilled.

An important conclusion that we can make here that when some specific and unfortunate events keep occurring in our lives, even after we tried changing houses, jobs, places, and even relationships, then this is a sign that destiny is pushing us to learn something, something that we may be missing or overlooking in our lives. It is as a result of this persistence of the Law of Destiny that human race is set to follow a general tendency of moving to higher levels of consciousness and knowledge, despite the temporary regressions here and there.

end of chapter

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