The 12 Laws that Define a Being

Law #7: Law of Grudges

If history repeats itself that’s because of the grudges that we carry on from one life to another.

As discussed so far, any unexpected stimulus can easily capture one’s attention. Attention shifts towards the stimulus in order to collect information and understand the reason why the stimulus occurred. Once we gather enough information we will start thinking and analyzing the data. If information collected allows us to reach a conclusion in regards to the stimulus then this stimulus will stop causing a distraction for us since it will no longer trigger our curiosity. In contrary, if we do not reach a conclusion then the stimulus will continue to cause a distraction by making us more and more curious about the matter. In this case antimatter energy will flow continuously in the direction of the unresolved matter, because the matter will continue to be a distraction for us.

Thinking about an unresolved matter is the exact reason why it is never easy to forgive others if we do not know or understand the reasons behind their hurtful actions. This is how the grudges form; they are results of unresolved matters. When two people argue because of their different opinions on the same matter, in the best cases they will end the argument by using agree-to -disagree approach, hoping that this issue will never come up. However, even when people promise themselves and others to never mention certain matters again, they still continue to feel the same disappointment when bad memories are triggered as a result of similar events.

Accepting that human souls reincarnate we can argue that grudges formed on the previous lives will continue to be carried on into the new individual’s life. Because of the Law of Destiny this new individual will be pushed to learn more about oneself, correct one’s wrong beliefs from previous lives, and even reach closures on previous grudges so that the soul of this individual will reach a higher level of consciousness (higher levels of antimatter energy). So it is the force of destiny that will bring this individual to encounter new situations similar to old situations from past lives. As a result of this encounters new conflicts will start creating the opportunities to clarify any old misconceptions and clear the old grudges. Based on this logic, an attraction between the two individuals that hold an old grudge from the past is necessary at first. However, in order to resolve the old conflict and reach a closure the new conflicts must develop right after the new relationship is established.

We could assume that old grudges are resolved through any type of relationship such as husband and wife, parent and child, siblings, business partners, coworkers etc. Even though new conflicts are so much needed as they represent fresh opportunities to resolve old grudges and get rid of old misconceptions, still, these new conflicts have the potential to turn very dangerous after all. These new conflicts carry the risk of deepening the old conflicts or even creating new grudges. Therefore, we must always remember the Law of Tension that forcing our opinions on others creates a contra reaction, not a solution. Nevertheless, the agree-to-disagree approach will never bring closures on the old matters. That’s because each individual involved in an argument would continue to think that they were right about their opinion on the matter and the other person was wrong. Until the matters are cleared up not by hiding them but by bringing them to the surface and especially by trying to understand other party’s point of view no closure will be reached. Conflicts of the past will continue to repeat in new situations.

end of chapter

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