The 12 Laws that Define a Being

Law #9: Law of Karma

What goes around comes around.

The first universal Law of Energy states that energy never disappears, but transforms from one type of energy to another. This well-known saying, “what goes around comes around,” implies exactly what the law of energy states. Any actions of ours and even our thoughts use some of the energy available to us. As our energy transforms into work through our actions or new ideas, then these actions and ideas that we share with other people, will stimulate them to think and act either by agreeing or opposing us. Now others will start acting upon their new thoughts that will affect other people which they will come in contact to. A chain of reaction of new thoughts and new actions is triggered this way and will continue to spread. As we come in contact with new people we may feel the effect of one of the chain reactions that we may have initiated earlier in this life or previous lives.

So why is Karma mostly seen as a revenge of the universe on people who do bad things to others? Does Karma apply when we do good things too? I believe, Karma applies in both cases. If we accept that Karma is the energy that transforms from one person to another, we will not be able to recognize karma for good or for bad. That’s because the energy that comes back to us, transformed as other people’s actions, will happen at a different time and space from the moment when we started this ripple effect.

When we hear people mentioning the karma, implying that bad things happen to us as the result of karmic lessons or karmic debts from previous lives, this can be very hurtful. It seems as if karma is out there to get us and to take revenge on us even after we died and were born again. We puzzle about the purpose of karma and question, what’s the purpose of revenge when we do not remember anything from our previous lives? The fact is that when we did something wrong to someone in our previous lives, we did it because of the wrong beliefs or misconnects we had about life and relationships with others. For as long as we continue to carry these wrong beliefs in our level four antimatter, which we call soul, we will continue to exhibit the same attitude in life and relationships as we did in our previous lives. As a result karma will continue to happen as a way of cleansing our consciousness from these wrong ideas and beliefs.

Karma acts like a mirror image of our actions and the effect of our actions on others. But, why wait until we move on to a new life for the effect of karma to appear? Why not experience karma right away when we do something wrong so we can clear our consciousness faster? To understand the reason why we carry on karmic debts from previous lives we need to recap the Law of Grudges. As mentioned earlier in the book, grudges form when we fail to recognize the reasons why others hurt us. When we fail to realize the reasons for others’ hurtful actions toward us we also fail to realize the lessons that we were supposed to learn through that conflict with others. As a result, misconceptions, wrong beliefs and lack of knowledge in regards to certain matters will continue to be part of this individual’s antimatter. Then, due to the Law of Grudges, new conflicts will develop to resolve these old issues.

Nevertheless, not all mistreatments and hardship are as the result of our own karma. Sometimes misfortunate events happen to us due to other people’s wrong judgments and lack of knowledge. But, can we tell whether hardships are due to our own karma or due to others’ errors? Unfortunately, the truth about this lies only in other people’s consciousness. When these people who initiated a conflict with us are clueless about treating us wrong, then this difficult situation or conflict may be our karma. However, when these people are fully aware of their wrong doing then this is not our karma. As they initiate a new chain reaction, due to the Law of Karma this wrong doing will be reflected back on them sooner or later. If we do not want to continue playing the same over and over, we must find a way to stop the cycle of karma. Forgiveness is what has been trumpeted for so long as a way to stop the effect of karma. In fact, as we already know, forgiveness does not occur if you are in the darkness about the reasons why others may be attacking you. I would say that an attitude of let it go, or just forget the revenge, it is not worthy as it will keep you tied up in the game of karma, is a better attitude, I would say.

Another way to recognize karmic debts or your own karma, is to pay attention to the patterns of unfortunate events in your life. If you experience the same type of mistreatment over and over again, in unrelated situations and people, then this may be your karmic debt. The same problems will keep repeating in our lives until we learn our long-postponed life lessons, therefore increasing our awareness as we move forward with our destiny.

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