The 12 Laws that Define a Being

Law #10: Law of Attraction

Like attracts like.

The Law of Attraction known as like attracts like, is made quite popular from the movie The Secret and book with the same title of the author Rhonda Byrne. In The Secret, the Law of Attraction is proclaimed as a powerful law that can help anyone realize their wishes. According to The Secret, the Law of Attraction applies only when people feel very excited about their wishes and due to this excitement they generate such high energy that will attract to them whatever they wished for. As a result, the author and other contributors of this book concluded that people must therefore pretend as if their wishes have already come true, in order to generate enough excitement. The Secret recommends that people use a variety of tools such as posters, pictures, visualization or Vision Boards, to help them achieve this state of ecstasy and excitement.

I personally find many things wrong with the way this law is introduced in The Secret and that is why I wrote my other book Secret Beyond the Secret. In that book I oppose the ridicules method of inspiring people to pretend as if their wishes have come true in order to attract the wishes. I also explain why their methods of visualization and Vision Boards, even though very useful tools, when used with the wrong intent will not bring any result, instead they will backfire. Finally, in my book I introduce the four correct steps in allowing the Law of Attraction to take place, instead of the three steps that the author and contributors of The Secret suggest. Therefore, I will not cover those topics in this book. However, I would like to stress here that the Law of Attraction is true. In the following I will explain how this law applies and how it is possible that our wishes come true when we wish them. What kind of magic goes on with the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is easy to understand if we accept that matter and antimatter are opposites of one another and as we know from physics the opposites attract. When you make a wish, this wish is just a thought that you create in your mind. Since a thought is a product of antimatter and carries antimatter energy, then matter will be attracted to this thought in order to maintain a balance of matter and antimatter energies. So, if you wished to obtain two tickets to your favorite concert then two tickets will be attracted to the source of this thought, you.

In the above case you should expect that events will occur in such a way that you will meet or come into contact with people that will grant you the wish and you will receive these two tickets that you wished for. However, the trick of this whole process is to not think about how your wish will come true and what the possible outcomes are. The reason we should not think about the wish anymore, after we already made the wish, is that every time one thinks about one’s wish, or how his/her problems will be solved, one will delay the fulfillment of his own wishes. That is true, because, when we keep thinking we keep releasing antimatter energy and so, we are not giving ourselves time to receive back that energy. When we stop thinking we then allow ourselves to receive antimatter energy. When we start receiving antimatter energy we start realizing better ideas, better plans, and recognize better opportunities that arrive from the universe itself, which will then lead us to the solutions of our problems or the granting of our wishes.

It is important to remind ourselves that the laws of nature do not work against one another. Therefore, the Law of Attraction will not go against the Law of Destiny or the Law of Grudges for that matter. So, if one wishes for things that oppose or delay the fulfillment of his/her destiny then the Law of Attraction will not take place. Instead of attracting solutions and granting of their wishes, these people will attract hardships and conflicts so that they will learn their life lessons. This hardships and conflicts, as mentioned earlier, will come your way until you realize that you need to change certain beliefs, wrong ideas and misconceptions in order to bring your consciousness to higher levels of energy.

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