The 12 Laws that Define a Being

Law #11: Law of Appreciation

Appreciation is the source of energy. It can make us generate our own energy.

As mentioned earlier, work is performed when there is some change in the amount of energy. In physics we express this with the following formula: Work = Change of Energies. Therefore, our challenge is to figure out how to increase our antimatter energy in order to perform intellectual work. We could look for ways to increase our energy by receiving the needed extra antimatter energy from the outside world, or we could look for ways to create this extra energy on our own. As explained earlier in the Law of Giving and Receiving, other people cannot give us their own antimatter energy even if they are willing to do so. However, others can help us think positive about ourselves and this positive thinking can increase our antimatter energy in total. Other people help us produce positive thoughts when they show appreciation to us, when they display affection, love us, admire us, or simply pay some attention to us. Any of the above will make us feel good and as a result our level four antimatter energy will increase. As antimatter energy increases we will then be able to complete any task we are responsible for. However, other people cannot endlessly pay attention on us or admire us endlessly. That is impossible because at some point they will alternate between giving and then receiving antimatter energy, just like everyone else. Therefore, working as a team and taking turns in appreciating or giving attention to one another can help to keep the flow of positive energy going.

Teamwork is also great for accomplishing tasks that are too big and that require a division of duties and expertise. Teamwork can provide each team members with some motivational energy needed to perform their part of a big task. From the Law of Concentration we can realize that if we increase the Priority of the common task, the group is required to accomplish, then the pressure of antimatter on each team members will increase and work will be performed. To make the common task a priority for each group member we need to make them aware of the importance of their contribution in completing the task. Each member needs to feel appreciated and needed in order to make the task their priority. A team member feels appreciated and needed if his or her skills are considered a necessity to accomplish the common task.

Therefore, we can conclude that in order to motivate each group member to consider the completion of the common task as their priority we need to show each member that their individual skills, expertise and contribution are truly appreciated.

Based on the above conclusion it becomes really important that each of the members holds specific duties and plays explicit roles in completing the group task without competing for the same responsibility in the group. If members would share the same responsibility or the same expertise, these members will not feel appreciated enough and so they will feel the need to compete to receive the appreciation of other group members. When members of the group start competing for attention and appreciation then the completion of the task will be delayed or even aborted. As a result it becomes necessary to check the roles assigned to each member before the group starts working on the task, to make sure that roles of individual members will not parallel those of other members. Nevertheless, there are specific tasks that need the attention of the experts on the same field. This particular team is at a high risk of failing the completion of the task if these experts feel the need to validate their position in the team. However, such unusual groups which members are all experts of the same field, usually develop an open minded attitude, of tolerance and acceptance as they get used to discussing topics that keep evolving and changing when new discoveries dismiss the previous theories.

Our children, especially, are very vulnerable to this law. We know that when children are constantly criticized or put down they will not perform well in school or on other extracurricular activities. This constant criticism will cause children to think negatively about themselves. Negative thinking will cause them to lose their antimatter energy. Therefore it is important to appraise our children for being different and for their talents and skills. It is important to hold the criticism when we can and instead appreciate true efforts that children put forth in becoming better and learning new skills in life.

Antimatter operates on energy just like matter does, therefore, the bigger the energy of the antimatter in us, the bigger the job that we can perform via our thinking. So, if we wish to increase our level of awareness we must first increase our antimatter’s energy at level four, the one that is responsible for our reasoning, thinking, learning, understanding, driving conclusions etc. When this energy increases it enables us to learn more, remember more, derive better and faster conclusions, develop new insights, create new theories etc., etc. This new knowledge, or new discoveries that we made after our antimatter energy increases, are new to us but not new to the universe. This knowledge has always been available for us to grab. Yet, we did not realize the new information and knowledge until our antimatter energy was increased. The reality around us with all the necessary knowledge, is and always was there, but our brain that acts like a TV will not be able to deliver a good quality picture if the quality of TV is not increased and its reception is not improved.

end of chapter

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