The 12 Laws that Define a Being

Law #12: Law of Self-Centrism

Individual souls have to take care of their needs first as a basic requirement for their existence

 Until now we have assumed that Destiny and free are two opposites. If we accepted that everything was predetermined by destiny then we would not accept that we have free will. In contrary, if we accepted that we possessed free will then events in life would not be predetermined by destiny, they would be determined by our own choices. The way I defined destiny in this book however, makes it easier to understand that destiny and free will are not the opposites of each other; instead, they support one another. To explain how destiny and free will can work together I will use the same explanation that we use to explain how planets follow their predicted trajectories around the Sun. Let’s look at our Earth for example. There are two forces that apply simultaneously on the planet Earth, one is the gravity of the Sun that pulls Earth toward the Sun and the second force is the centrifugal force that can force Earth to move away from the Sun. This centrifugal force is created by Earth’s spinning motion around its axis. Since these two forces apply simultaneously, then their resultant is a force that forces the Earth to move around the Sun on a predetermined path which can be symbolized as Earth’s destiny.

We are aware that if any of these forces will be missing the Earth will either fall towards the Sun or will be wandering aimlessly in the Universe. In both cases the danger and destruction are inevitable. It is because that both forces apply at the same time, that Earth does not fall on the Sun and doesn’t get lost into space, but follows a predetermined path, its destiny.

For analogy our destiny is also created like Earth’s predetermined path, as a resultant of two forces. One of the two forces is the force created by concentrating our attention on our personal needs first. This force is the exhibition of our individual egos and is called free will. The other force is the one that attracts our individual souls to the source of absolute knowledge, source of all the antimatter in the universe which we call God. Since our souls are only a part of this massive antimatter in the universe therefore our souls will always feel incomplete and curious to learn more about what they lack and what can make them complete.

end of chapter

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