Secret Beyond the Secret

Introduction of the book Secret Beyond the Secret



There are two main streams in the world today: Of people who believe in creating their own destiny, and of those who believe in fate, that destiny is created by God. This book, Secret Beyond the Secret, represents the point of intersection as a bridge between these two opposing views. Even if this seems quite impossible, through the pages of this book, the reader will understand that it is in fact possible. A small change in the point of view regarding Destiny will make it easier for the reader to visualize how these two opposite beliefs can merge into one. Based on this new point of view, the reader will also understand why it is that “when you surrender, you win.” A four step formula that will be introduced in this book will help the reader grasp the fact that the application of the Law of Attraction takes place only when it is aligned with destiny. These four steps for applying the Law of Attraction are different and even opposites of the three steps previously introduced by other authors

end of chapter

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