Secret Beyond the Secret

The True Formula

Passages below are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

The True Formula: Think- Pray- Dream- Dare

Step One: Think 

During this step, we have to take some time for our self and to think. Thinking is the foundation of this formula. If this step is not applied correctly then we will continue to wish for the wrong things and aim for the wrong goals. It will be a waste of time and energy on our side.

To make it easy to realize whether or not what you wished for is your real desire, whether or not the accomplishment of that wish is part of your destiny, you must not restrict yourself when wishing for it. Here is how this process is done: First you consider your wish as something quite possible and that there is nothing that can prevent your wish from coming true. You have to imagine as if you have everything in life and need nothing more, but this wish. This way you are not restricting yourself in wishing for something just so you can survive or overcome the difficulties of life. After imagining your life being this perfect then you ask yourself the miracle question, “Do I still want this wish to come true?” If your answer is yes, then that wish is what your heart truly desires. It’s that simple. For example, if money were not an issue would you rather work the job you are doing right now or would you choose a different path, a different career? This step of the formula accepts the fact that there is a destiny which is already written for all of us, and that destiny has to do with our purpose of existence and can be found in our true passions and true desires.


Step One —Think, helps us realize what we really want even when we are full of doubts and fear.


Step Two: Pray/Wish

First, I want to mention that I prefer using the word pray instead of wish for this step, but prayer in this formula has nothing to do with any particular religion. Prayer, as I introduce it here, only helps us in accepting that there is a powerful, universal source of energy that has created us for a reason. I decided to call this step Pray because it is important that anyone who follows the application of the Law of Attraction accepts first that destiny exists and that our powers as humans, are indeed limited.  

I have noticed that when people use the word pray instead of the word wish, the word pray puts us in a different frame of mind that prepares us to surrender and to be ready for the third step of the formula. When we say “pray” we realize that our wish may or may not come true. And this is the key. It is important to accept that not every wish will be fulfilled. Therefore, we pray that things will happen in our favour, but we do not demand for those wishes to happen, nor are we able to make these wishes happen.


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