Secret Beyond the Secret

The Real Law of Attraction versus the Law of Attraction from “The Secret”

Passages below are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

In this chapter I want to reveal the truth about the Law of Attraction, how it really works, why it works and even more importantly why it doesn’t work sometimes. Let’s start with the fact that in order to fulfill our destinies and follow our paths, we need to become aware first that the Law of Attraction does apply. The Law of Attraction became popular in 2006 because of Rhonda Byrne’s book called The Secret. This law indicates that “like attracts like.” In her book Byrne shares three steps of applying the Law of Attraction. Many other authors that touch on this law share the same three steps as follows:

1. Make a wish (in a positive statement, of course)

2. Feel the excitement as if the wish has already happened.

3. And last, allow it.

The first step — make a wish — is understandable for some people who believe that if we do not wish and if we do not ask then we will not receive, but this step may not be as understandable for others who believe that destiny is already written and so there is no need to ask. I will cover this step latter in this book, but first I want to analyze the other two steps.

The second step is not very convincing because as we face the reality, we realize that feeling excited for something that hasn’t happened yet means living in denial of reality by ignoring the facts. For people who cannot fool their minds so easily into believing in unrealistic dreams, this may feel somehow foolish. And even if we succeed in forcing ourselves to feel excited about a dream, I ask, for how long can someone keep pretending that their dreams are a reality? For how long can one avoid the facts? Unless one becomes slightly insane, this state of being excited for nothing will not last very long. It is humanly impossible to keep this excitement going for too long without reminding ourselves that in reality nothing has happened yet. At the moment that we think this negative thought, we have undone all our previous wishing. It is at this point that people give up on the Law of Attraction and start feeling anxious about their dreams, goals and wishes. As a result, we can say that teaching people to feel excited about a wish, before the wish comes true, must be wrong. The solution will not come from giving your wish attention, but quite the opposite, by taking your attention away from the wish. 

The last step “allow it” is unclear too. Allow it? How? None of the instructions given by many authors who cover the Law of Attraction, including Rhonda Byrne, are clear about this step. These authors and life coaches repeat themselves by saying that “there is a sort of energy that we must allow it and/or  tune into it.” The question is, if that is energy we are dealing with, and energy cannot be seen, how can we tune into this energy when there are no visible tools available to us, like when we do when we tune a radio? At this point these authors stop giving any more instructions because they run out of answers. And if you would continue to ask them “Why didn’t the Law of Attraction work?” their excuse is that, “You did not allow that energy. It is your fault for not tuning in properly.” This is the point when their lies continue to extend. The client now becomes curious and wants to know more about how to tune in and why it was his/her fault. At this point these life coaches will get more business from you. When there is so much emphasis on the necessity to tap into God’s energy, into the energy of the Universal force, but there is no way of telling you how to do that, then anyone will be tempted to read more and ask these life coaches for help. I must say that this is a very clever but also very dishonest move on their side.

The real trouble starts with the second step of their formula: “Dream about the wish as if it came true and feel the excitement.” Dreaming is one thing and pretending is another. All disappointments regarding the Law of Attraction come from this wrong belief. Even though excitement and joy are very important in applying the Law of Attraction, you will learn through the pages of this book that this excitement must come from other sources.


end of chapter


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2 thoughts on “The Real Law of Attraction versus the Law of Attraction from “The Secret”

  1. This article nails exactly what I was thinking! Thank you. My biggest frustrating from The Secret was the lack of “how to”, it was just too wishy washy for me personally.


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