Secret Beyond the Secret

What is Destiny

Passages below are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

Even when life seems unpredictable, somehow events connect to one another and only later we understand the reason why certain things have happened. We could say life is a journey, but to tell the truth, life is a roller coaster. This new definition seems to fit much better. You never know what kind of twist would come next in life or how soon the next turn will arrive. We find ourselves hit by surprises all the time; some good and some bad. Life seems too random and chaotic, yet, some of us believe that life and our existence has a purpose. Very often we experience a certain feeling that urges us to make things better as if we have a duty to fulfill. So this force that pushes us in the roller coaster of life, I believe, is destiny. But, if destiny is a force that drives us in a certain direction then what can we say when things go wrong and accidents happen? Are they also the results of our destiny? Is destiny a curse or a gift from God? I would say, none of the above. Destiny is not a curse, but destiny is definitely not a gift. Destiny is a job that we must complete.

From this new point of view we can say that destiny must be a course of predetermined actions caused by a predetermined force. For example when we pick up a hammer to hit a nail, the destiny of the hammer is predetermined by the purpose for which it was created, to hit the nail. By forcing the nail to poke a hole on a surface, nail also fulfills its destiny/job. So when each of the forces is applied on each object, they will fulfill their jobs as they were intended.

Another example is the behavior of free electrons (negatively charged particles) when they are inside a magnetic field that rotates. As it is known from physics, a rotating magnetic field causes free electrons to move in a certain direction, and we can say that this is electrons destiny. But while these electrons are all rushing in the same direction forced by this magnetic field, it also happens that some electrons are stroked by other electrons and as a result of this collision they will deviate from their paths.

Could it be that just like everything else in the universe, humanity as well has a predetermined path which is caused by the application of a certain force? Could it be that just like some electrons that are pushed away from their path, many times accidents happen in life due to our own mistakes as well as the poor judgment of others? Following this logic we can conclude that when unpleasant things happen or when things go wrong they are not necessarily a result of our destiny, but quite the opposite.


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