Secret Beyond the Secret

Challenges that we must be prepared to face while fulfilling our destiny.

Passages below are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

The task of destiny is not that easy to accomplish. It requires lots and lots of effort on our side because it is not that obvious. Destiny’s force comes from inside us in the form of passions and desires, while on the outside we are constantly tempted by material things that can give us temporary satisfactions. Even though we often become aware that satisfaction and happiness do not depend on money alone, we still aim for financial success, because money can solve at least some of our most immediate problems.

Aiming for financial security becomes our priority at some point in life, however, after reaching financial success we must not stop there but instead continue to aim for a complete satisfaction which comes by helping others so that they will also have a better life. Another problem that we could face while trying to understanding destiny is that we may start fighting with one another as if rewards for this job will run out, not knowing that destiny is not a competition. Just as we mentioned earlier, our destiny must be fulfilled as a group not as an individual, therefore, we must avoid rivalry.

The last stage of understanding destiny is to become aware that there are no shortcuts in completing destiny. To reach all the rewards for completing our destiny we must go through a training process first.

As always, any training process is tough, and so we must expect to be tested during this period. Therefore, to make our way up to complete success it will require lots of hard work and some sweating. Let’s see why this process gets tougher and tougher the closer we get to our fulfillment.


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