Secret Beyond the Secret

Love Yourself

Passages below are parts taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

Our days are busy and caught up in these daily routines so we often forget that we have a purpose to fulfill. We forget that it’s because of this purpose that we are valuable. We forget that in nature things that don’t serve a purpose anymore go extinct. We live our daily routines, dragging ourselves from one day to the next until life becomes a burden. We all make this mistake time after time and once in a while we need a little reminder that we are an important piece of God’s plan, and also important to other people that depend on us and to those that we are connected to. Being an important piece of this big puzzle, therefore, we must take care of ourselves first. The troubleshooting technique in this chapter will help you to learn the most important thing about your own existence: appreciating yourself.

Love yourself? Isn’t that selfish? We are never told to love ourselves; we’re always told to love others. To, love others is great and it is important but we must not forget or lose sight of ourselves either. As a result of this way of thinking that loving yourself is selfish, we often hope that if someone else would love us instead, then we will be happy. The question is: if we don’t love ourselves and don’t appreciate who we are, then why would someone else love us? In the past, like many others, I made the same mistake of not taking care of myself. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Since now I know what went wrong, I want to help others who probably are in the same point in life that I once was.  

Note, these are only parts of that chapter in my book. Techniques are explained in the book.


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