Secret Beyond the Secret

Accept Yourself

Passages below are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

Many times we question ourselves and our abilities. Sometimes we envy others and wish we were like them. I had those moments, too. As I explained in the previous chapter every one of us is important in God’s eyes. We are important because of our unique purpose. No one can take our place in doing what we alone are meant to do. This realization brought me to a conclusion that we are who we are for a reason. First, we have a purpose to fulfill; therefore we have a destination to go to. Second, all the obstacles we encounter on our journey are there to teach us something. They are part of our training process. Accepting yourself for who you are today is not a hard task, but the key is to never stop looking forward to the person you want to be.

This moment of acknowledging yourself with good and bad is like realizing that you were standing on a solid platform thinking that it was a road or a bridge to success, but instead it was just a stepping-stone. This means that you are not done and you are not safe standing there for too long. You must face how far away you are from whom you want to become and move forward to reach that goal.


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