Secret Beyond the Secret

Is Prayer a wicked invention or does it really work?

Passages below are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

How can we pray, or make the wish in the context of the Law of Attraction so that our prayers will be answered? What is prayer? How does prayer work? Can it be explained scientifically? Does it matter what religion and what rituals you follow when you pray? These are all answered in this chapter.

A bigger question arises here, “Why aren’t our prayers answered sometimes?” There are at least two reasons for this. One is the way we formulate our prayers. Perhaps prayer has become just another routine; something that we do for the sake of doing but from which we don’t really expect any results? To get beyond this point we need to do something to break this bad habit and pray in a way that we are aware of what we are asking for. The other reason why our prayers are not always answered is that we tend to lose trust. Our prayers may not be answered according to our schedules. In these cases, we lose faith and we start thinking negatively. Once we lose faith, we take things into our own hands and act based on fears, without God’s guidance. Patience and trust are the keys for applying the second step of the formula successfully.

My life changed completely when I made prayer a regular part of my day. For me, praying is like a conversation with a parent. First, I had to accept that there exists a powerful force, a source of energy, an intelligent designer, from where I can receive support. I ask for this support whenever I have a problem or when I wish for something good for myself. I pray (in fact I wish for solutions) at any time and at any place. My conversation with this Intelligent Power, God, feels natural and easy because I think of my thoughts as energy. In fact, my whole body cannot exist without this energy. If I need more energy, I must go to the source.


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